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    Our sustainability strategy

    We do not want to deceive you.

    We want to set goals we can actually reach.

    Our actions are based on set values and clear rules. We are convinced that environmental laws and economic laws go hand in hand: they are two sides of the same coin. This belief feeds into our vision and gives rise to the goals we want to reach.

     We also make sure nothing is lost in the process of reaching these goals. Waste is something we do not want, particularly in the midst of the bureaucratic pressure that comes in the wake of ever-increasing compliance requirements. We act carefully, precisely, truthfully and attentively, and create value. We accept responsibility towards our customers, partners, employees and the environment, and create value.

    Letter from the CEO: Mainstream or sustainability?

    “Sustainable” is when everyone works to strengthen their immune system and responds calmly to the phenomenon of the Pandemic. “Unsustainable” is spreading fear that also goes viral, weakens the immune system and fuels the demand for "emergency use permit" vaccinations, which further weakens the immune system.

    It is also strange when fear-mongering on the climate issue promotes sustainability at the same time. In this vein: Creating a lot of contradictions to create a lot of confusion so that people will then gratefully grasp at the order-making straw of politics. But we are pleased that we have been in the circular economy for 140 years.

     Joy is what endures, and it does that better than any currency. Central banks are constantly creating new money out of thin air. But the associated counterpart has not yet been made and savers are being hurt by negative real interest rates. A currency cannot last if it is torn between state monopoly money and global currency markets, and its citizens wonder why they have to work for money when they can do so at the touch of a button. Inflation thus induced, derived from "inflare", meaning “blowing”, is an illusion, hence unsustainable. It only gained widespread attention when it was extended to consumer goods.

    Switzerland is surrounded by countries that are part of a monetary experiment that is politically motivated and economically divorced from reality. Shortly after the introduction of the euro, the indebted country becomes the world's export champion because its currency is weaker than it should be, and other southern countries have to be 'bailed out' by massive transfer payments because the currency is stronger than it naturally should be. It is also too cheap and thus attracts debt. The European Central Bank threatens with more 'bailouts at any cost'. At the moment, almost all central banks cover their fields of activity with some form of monetary socialism. This lowers the barrier which, in the event of a pandemic, deprives citizens of freedom of trade and enterprise. The over-indebtedness of the public sphere is thus transmitted to the private sphere. Will the confusion between money and capital continue until capital, with its monetary valves fully open, is completely absorbed by the society receiving pensions? In the context of such corrupt, crony and unteachable societies, the desire for sustainability must grow. The lack of structural anchoring of sustainability leads first to a broadening of its very concept.

    That is why I question the credibility of states and institutions that waste taxpayers' money, use emergency measures and repressive force, and impose sustainability regulations on us. So even the effort to produce a sustainability report has a bureaucratic overtone. Should we talk less about sustainability and focus more on it? The truth will eventually emerge. However, this presupposes an initial trust, which is now being driven away by fear-mongering on all sides. Anyone who promotes silence is already suspect. Discretion was once a virtue – where has it gone? Our strange times have thus managed to reverse the saying "speech is silver, silence is golden". Do news pressures of all kinds want to convince us that silver is worth more than gold?

    The noise of speech may also be driven by the mouth's constant indignation at its subservience to both ears. How easily it succumbs to a seductive equality that leads to both sides suffering. The mouth must say more than it is meant to, so that empty, unreflected, discordant, stuttering or lying sounds come out. And the ears have to hear more than they can bear, and they begin to speak. That's why so many people want to shut down!

    However, I can make it short: Our constant transformation of the old, used and discarded into something new, beautiful and important is an example of sustainable value creation par excellence. For us, economics and ecology come from the same family – you have heard it now.

    Weinfelden in September 2023

    Daniel Model

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    «We are able to make improvements day after day, thanks to the expertise and commitment of all our employees.»

    Our actions


    Taking action against climate change

    While we contribute to global warming, we actively combat it. Besides ongoing measures, we're committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as per the Paris Agreement and SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) standard until 2030, aiming for net zero. We also report annually through CDP Climate Change.

    The Model Group

    Sustainability across generations

    We create top-notch cardboard and corrugated display and packaging solutions. As a family business, we address current and future challenges across generations.


    We ensure lasting sustainability by constantly adapting for integrity, paper cycles, quality, resources, supply chains, safety, and our employees.


    Innate sustainability

    Sustainability is our intrinsic drive, not just a pursuit for certificates or legal compliance.

    Our Code of Conduct, aligned with UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) 10 principles, guides ethical practices.


    We exceed standards for improvement, shaping our own rules.

    We use SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) platform to share sustainability data and underwent SMETA (Sedex Members' Ethical Trade Audit) audit, encompassing environment, labor conditions, and safety.

    Closed paper cycle

    Our contribution to the Circular Economy

    Since our inception in 1882, we've upheld a closed paper cycle principle, realizing the value of recycling recovered paper. Over 80% of our packaging comprises recycled material.

    If needed, virgin fiber is sourced from Europe or the US. All our factories can utilize 100% FSC-certified fiber for our products.

    Our actions

    Sharing responsibility

    Every action yields consequences, demanding comprehension of intricate and sometimes hidden linkages. If we want to fully understand them, we must be able to identify them.


    Customers inspire and challenge us, setting high standards for products and services.


    Employee innovation is vital; the autonomy we provide to them unleashes potential, enabling them to identify opportunities, take initiative, and make daring choices.

    Model Lean System

    Sustainable processes and eco-friendly growth

    As a sustainable partner, our Model Lean System enhances agile and stable processes.

    We ensure rapid, efficient, and optimized operations, prioritizing security, quality, supply reliability, and customer value.

    Changes are geared towards eco-friendly growth, minimizing impact on the environment, society, and colleagues.

    «The Model Lean System was designed based on the ideas and methods used in lean management.»

    Reporting Approach

    This Sustainability Report covers 2017 to 2022. 

    This Sustainability Report encompasses all the activities and key figures of every company within the Model Group.

    This report has been drafted in compliance with the GRI standards, ‘Core’ version. The Sustainability Report itself has not been reviewed by an external expert.

    GRI disclosures

    Documentation of GRI indicators

    This report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and aligns the key aspects of the GRI with the four pillars of the Model Group’s sustainability strategy.

    GRI 102-14


    GRI 102-16

    Ethics and Integrity

    GRI 102-18


    GRI 102-40, 102-42 – 44

    Stakeholder Engagement

    GRI 102-45 – 56

    Reporting Practice

    What's next?

    Our pillars of sustainability 

    Discover more about the components that form our sustainability strategy.


    Explore more about sustainable topics

    CDP rating

    Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating

    Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating

    Press releases Sustainability
    Recognition for CSR efforts

    Awarded with the EcoVadis Gold Medal

    Model Kramp receives an excellent rating from EcoVadis for CSR efforts. 

    Awards Sustainability
    Reducing CO₂ emissions – with science-based targets by 2030

    SBTi: Climate-neutral packaging

    The Model Group sets clear targets for reducing emissions in its own value chain.