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    Tips: Identify and buy sustainable packaging

    Sustainable product and shipping packaging is a strong purchasing criterion for consumers. As a manufacturer of ecological packaging made from recycled corrugated cardboard, we provide you with practical tips: How to make your packaging processes sustainable.

    Sustainable packaging - what does that mean?

    The issue of environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging is becoming increasingly important for retailers, e-commerce and product manufacturers. Consumers are critical: does the company I buy from value environmental friendliness? Does it have sustainability goals? What does the supply chain look like? However, the criteria for sustainability are vague, especially when it comes to packaging. This page will give you valuable tips on how to recognise and buy sustainable packaging.

    Thanks to our production in line with the circular economy, we offer you a comprehensive selection of ecological, high-quality packaging for your needs in the Model Shop. Are you looking for a customised, sustainable packaging solution? Our experts will be happy to advise you.

    Recognise sustainable packaging

    1. Few resources

    Sustainable packaging is produced in a way that conserves resources. This applies to the material (preferably renewable raw materials) and the use of energy (low CO2).

    2. High product protection

    Sustainable packaging uses little material and still reliably protects your product. Because product loss increases your CO2 footprint.

    3. Recyclable

    Sustainable packaging is recyclable and has the necessary (legally required) labelling.

    4. CO2 footprint of the manufacturer

    Your packaging manufacturer pays attention to sustainability along the entire value chain.

    5. Sustainability goals

    The manufacturer of your packaging pursues clear and comprehensible sustainability goals.

    6. Labelling

    If your packaging is destined for an EU country: Your manufacturer labels packaging materials with the legally prescribed recycling code and supports you with questions about labelling.g.

    Tips for sustainable packaging

    Cardboard is the ideal material for sustainable packaging. However, there are important points to consider when choosing cardboard.

    Check the origin of the materials

    Is the cardboard made from recycled paper or does it at least come from sustainably managed forests? No question, waste paper is unbeatable for your CO2 footprint. This is exactly what we specialise in at Model.

    Choose the right packaging size

    Save packaging waste with perfectly customised packaging. Discover a wide range of packaging shapes and sizes as well as flexible solutions.

    Evaluate recyclability

    Colouring and composite materials can even have a negative impact on the recyclability of cardboard. Ask us how your specific requirements can be realised as sustainably as possible.

    Inspire your customers

    Share eco-friendly initiatives and create an enjoyable unboxing experience that aligns with your values and encourages customer loyalty.

    Sustainability is affordable

    Save space in the warehouse and during dispatch with inexpensive cardboard and the right packaging size. You can also benefit from volume discounts in our online shop.

    Make your work easier

    Coordinate your brand with us and enjoy the reliable and efficient dispatch of your sustainable packaging. Seamless processes mean you always have all the packaging you need to hand.

    Well thought out: environmentally friendly packaging

    Sustainable packaging

    Used cardboard is our raw material

    In the Model Shop, we offer you a wide range of ecological packaging made from corrugated cardboard. Every week, we produce environmentally friendly recycled material from thousands of tonnes of old cardboard in our own paper mills. Thanks to this paper cycle and low-emission energy, we reduce our CO2 emissions enormously.


    Commitment zu Nachhaltigkeit

    As a packaging manufacturer, we are very aware of our climate responsibility. In order to significantly reduce emissions in our value chain, the Model Group has set itself ambitious sustainability targets as part of the global Net-Zero standard "Science Based Targets initiative" (SBTi). This benefits our customers who value low-CO2 packaging.

    Made in Germany

    Environmentally friendly packaging from Germany

    "Made in Germany" means more to us: our value chain remains 100 per cent German, from the raw material to the end product. This enables us to guarantee our customers a sustainable, closed paper cycle: Over 85% of Model's packaging is now made from recycled fibres and we are constantly optimising the process.

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