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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    Our assortment

    Product packaging

    Present your products in high quality at the point of sale and reliably protect their content.

    Product Category

    Transport packaging

    Adapted to your logistics and extremely durable.

    Product Category

    Promotional packaging

    Printed with state-of-the-art processes, cost-efficient and eye-catching at the point of sale.

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    Model Shop assortment

    An extensive range of packaging, cardboard boxes, cartons and packaging materials awaits you in our online shop.

    The latest news

    Model Young Package 2024

    September registration launch for Sweets in the Box

    Model Group's packaging design competition launches 2024 theme "Sweets in the Box".

    Model Young Package 2024

    MYP Interview: Sweet Packaging World with Yücel Metin

    Gain invaluable insights into what MYP judges are looking for, as Yücel Metin shares his perspective on this year's theme, «Sweets in the Box».
    Beverages Model Young Package
    Modular removal assortment

    Setting new standards for moving boxes

    Get to know our colleague Andreas Benninger and find out what makes his new range of removals so unique.
    Product Innovation Interviews
    ProWein Anniversary Discount

    30% Off Wine Packaging

    The largest wine fair in the world is celebrating its 30th birthday and we are celebrating with it as a premium exhibitor! In addition, with the code PROWEIN30 you save 30% on our high-quality wine packaging in the online shop.
    Sales Report 2023

    Record-high investments with low sales

    The Model Group, which is active in the field of solid and corrugated board packaging, achieved consolidated group sales of CHF 921 million in the past financial year.
    Press releases
    The logistics revolution with corrugated board

    Optimizing packaging at QUNDIS

    The smart measuring devices from QUNDIS help to save energy. Thanks to cleverly optimized packaging, the company now saves time, costs and CO2 itself. Find out how simple corrugated board supports a vision.
    Success Stories Product Innovation
    Award Ceremony

    Model Young Package 2023 Final Results

    The 2023 winners for "Thirsty for Packaging" theme were recognized in Prague on October 4th, and this year featured a unique design challenge for Clock Craft Brewery.

    Model Young Package
    Model Young Package 2023

    Innovating Packaging: Insights from Pilsner Urquell's Petr Kundrata

    A preview of the evaluation of the packaging prototypes of the Model Young Package with an expert from the beer industry.
    Beverages Model Young Package
    DeinDeal x Model

    Endless cardboard for DeinDeal

    Endless cardboard for unlimited shopping experience - DeinDeal and Model demonstrate how well bargains and sustainability can be combined.
    E-commerce Success Stories

    Your career with Model

    Extra in the ordinary

    On the cardboard - ready - go!

    With us, you can learn and take on responsibility. In a climate of appreciation with attractive performance, remuneration and pension schemes.


    Application Analyst (m/w/d)

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    Eilenburg IT

    Leiter Technische Planung (m/w/d)

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    Eilenburg Ingenieurwesen Produktion und Instandhaltung
    Weinfelden (CH)

    Werkführer (m/w/d) Papierherstellung im 5-Schichtsytem


    Weinfelden (CH) Produktion und Instandhaltung
    Bad Bentheim, Berka/Werra

    Staplerfahrer (m/w/d)

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    Logistik und Versand Berka Werra Produktion und Instandhaltung Bad Bentheim

    Schichtleiter (m/w/d) Produktion

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    Berka Werra Produktion und Instandhaltung

    Sachbearbeiter Verwaltung (m/w/d)

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    Administration Hanau

    Sachbearbeiter Vertriebsinnendienst (m/w/d)/Inside Sales­­­ mobiles ­Arbeiten möglich

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    Sales und Marketing Berka Werra
    Berka/Werra, Bad Bentheim

    Rangierer (m/w/d)

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    Logistik und Versand Bad Bentheim Berka Werra
    Bad Bentheim

    Produktionsspezialist (m/w/d)

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    Bad Bentheim Produktion und Instandhaltung

    Packaging tips for professionals


    Shipping Carpet – Tips for Cheap Shipping

    Do you want to ship a carpet? Here you can find out everything you need to know about shipping methods and packaging materials to ensure that your carpet reaches its destination undamaged.
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    Tips & Tricks: How to Ship Furniture Correctly

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    Packaging bottles – from individual DIY ideas to unusual purchase options, you will find numerous extravagant options here.
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    Tips: Outer packaging examples from everyday life

    What exactly is outer packaging and how does it differ from sales packaging? Find examples and answers to common questions.
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    Tips: Sending a moving box – what do I have to pay attention to?

    Sending a moving box is a practical solution for transporting items flexibly. What is allowed and how much does shipping cost?
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    Tips: What is frustration-free packaging and where can you buy it?

    What is frustration-free packaging, where can you buy or order it and what can other online shops and manufacturers learn from Amazon?
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    Tips: Packing parcels with wrapping paper

    Packing parcels with wrapping paper is not only practical, but also environmentally friendly. Discover useful tips for wrapping paper.
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    5 ideas: Wrapping gifts with wrapping paper

    Wrap gifts with wrapping paper - we have put together 5 original ideas to showcase your gifts in the best light.
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    Tips: All about BüWa

    BüWa (book and goods shipment) is a cost-efficient way of sending products. What do you need to consider and are there alternatives?
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