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    Packing parcels correctly: tips for e-commerce

    Pack professionally, inspire customers: read tips, how-tos & checklists on how to pack your goods safely for transport. With the optimum shipping packaging, you will retain your customers in the long term.

    Crucial to success: packaging in online retail

    A box with a practical tear strip, securely padded with sustainable paper padding and decorative tissue paper. Easy to recycle or ideal for returns - this is how you inspire customers with e-commerce packaging.

    We help you to pack your products in the best possible way for dispatch. After all, shipping packaging plays a crucial role in your successful online business. Studies show that packaging is inextricably linked to the product experience. As an online retailer, whether large or small, you should ask yourself:

    • Which boxes are best to use for shipping my goods?
    • Which cushioning material is right for my products?
    • If my product is hazardous goods, does it need special shipping packaging?
    • How do I make unpacking and returns as easy as possible for my customers?
    • How can I reduce packaging costs for shipping?
    • How can I ship my products more sustainably?

    Packaging is an important marketing tool. We have put together some quick tips and detailed checklists for your shipping packaging so that you can impress your customers all round.

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    Three quick tips: The ideal e-commerce packaging is...


    Height-adjustable boxes save space and costs.


    Without tears and creases. Because broken boxes don't make a good impression.

    Well closed

    With adhesive tape or self-adhesive seal. So nothing goes wrong during transport.

    Online retail: optimise your shipping packaging

    The joy of opening

    Convince customers

    Delight in the product, frustration when unpacking? You can avoid this. Your customer immediately recognises whether you as the seller have invested time and ideas in the shipping packaging. High-quality corrugated cardboard packaging delights the senses both visually and haptically. Customer-friendly boxes come with a practical self-adhesive seal (SKV) and can be opened quickly thanks to the pre-perforated tear strip.

    Sustainable material

    Environmentally friendly shipping

    Consumers want sustainable packaging. Recyclable materials, such as corrugated cardboard, are better for the environment and easy to dispose of. Also focus on sustainability when it comes to padding material: the trick is to use suitable shipping boxes for different product sizes. That way, you don't have to pad out any additional cavities.

    Chips, foil, paper

    Safe padding & filling

    Every product needs a specific filling material that reliably protects it on its journey to the customer. Packaging chips, bubble wrap, tissue paper - the choice is huge. In our guide to the right filling material, you will find practical tips for your product. For example, why you should definitely avoid padding material that is too bulky.

    Know-how Guides
    UN dangerous goods packaging

    Pack dangerous goods correctly

    Are your products dangerous goods? This is the case if your goods are potentially dangerous for people, animals or the environment during transport. Did you know that this already includes hairspray and aftershave? Dangerous goods must be shipped in special UN dangerous goods packaging and labelled accordingly.

    3 steps to your e-commerce packaging

    Step 1

    Optimise shipping box

    High-quality, printed shipping packaging emphasises your brand and your product. Pack it precisely: too large is expensive and not sustainable, too small offers little space for padding material.

    Step 2

    Reduce packaging costs

    Oversized boxes mean higher costs for padding material and storage. Your ideal shipping packaging can be a standard, inexpensive box if it fits your products perfectly.

    Step 3

    Offer easy handling

    Create a positive customer experience when opening: Use little adhesive tape or packaging with a tear strip that does not require a cutting tool. Returns are child's play with a return seal.

    Shipping packaging 1x1

    These 10 tips will help you to pack professionally for your e-commerce. Retain your customers in the long term with high-quality, sustainable and smart shipping packaging.

    Checklist: Packing parcels correctly for online retail

    1. Show your brand: Brand your shipping packaging inside and out. If you use standard boxes that you cannot or do not want to print on, use high-quality stickers or inserts with a personalised message.
    2. Neutral packaging for special products: If you are sending expensive or delicate items, protect your parcels from theft and your customers from embarrassing moments.
    3. The right box size for all products: Your customers will be delighted with small boxes. You save storage costs and money on unnecessary filling material. 
    4. A self-adhesive seal makes your packaging more efficient: Boxes with an automatic bottom also save time when erecting and packing.
    5. Use sustainable, high-quality packaging material: space-saving boxes made from 100 per cent recyclable corrugated cardboard and adhesive tape made from paper are always a good choice. For heavy parcels, use particularly robust adhesive tape so that nothing tears.
    6. Don't leave any voids: Use the right filling material to securely fix your product in the shipping packaging. Separate individual products from each other so that they do not rub against each other or damage each other during transport. 
    7. Protect sensitive products: In addition to classic filling material, there are customised solutions, such as bottle packaging for wines or shipping bags for printed items. You can also protect sensitive items by including appropriate information on your shipping packaging ("Caution glass", "Do not bend").
    8. Check the shipping label: Is your online business doing well and do you have to label a lot of parcels? Check the labelling on the shipping label carefully to avoid returns and dissatisfied customers.
    9. Make returns easy: use packaging with additional adhesive strips. Your customers can easily reseal the box and do not need adhesive tape or a new box for the return. This ensures that your products are returned to you in good condition.
    10. Pack dangerous goods correctly: In the International Agreement on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR) you will find regulations for dangerous substances and objects as well as various guidelines for shipping by land and air.

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