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    Sending a moving box – what do I have to pay attention to?

    Sending moving boxes is a practical solution for transporting items flexibly, regardless of the actual move. Find out what is allowed, what costs you have to expect and where you can buy moving boxes suitable for shipping.
    Courier packing cardboard boxes in van and preparing for delivering

    Can you send moving boxes in the mail?

    Moving house is always an exciting project – usually a completely new phase of life is imminent. Transporting all the necessary belongings from A to B can be a challenge, especially when moving to a completely different region.

    As a rule, you pack moving boxes and stow them in a rented van. Alternatively, you can get help from a moving company. But what about objects that have to be at their destination before the actual move or can only follow later? For this purpose, you can also simply send your moving boxes by post.

    Take a look at our price comparison of different suppliers and learn what to look out for when packing your moving box for shipping.

    How much does it cost to send a moving box?

    In principle, the same providers are suitable for sending moving boxes  in Germany as for shipping heavy packages. It is important that the offer includes large dimensions and a high maximum weight is permitted. Failure to do so may result in expensive bulky goods surcharges. 

    DHL-Paket max. 120 x 60 x 60 cm / 10 kg
    max. 120 x 60 x 60 cm / 31,5 kg
    10,49 €
    19,99 €
    Hermes L-Paket längste + kürzeste Seite max. 120 cm / 25 kg 10,40 €
    DPD XL-Paket

    Stand 05.01.2024
    längste + kürzeste Seite max. 300 cm / 31,5 kg
    Abholung inklusive
    24,00 €

    How should a moving box be shipped?

    Tips on how to properly pack moving boxes can save a lot of stress when moving. When shipping moving boxes, there are a few more points to consider so that the objects survive a long journey and rough transport conditions undamaged.

    Maximum Specifications

    When shipping a moving box, the maximum dimensions and weight are decisive for the shipping price. If you want to send several boxes, it can be useful to distribute heavy items into different packages .

    Tactical packing

    Heavy items should preferably lie at the bottom of the moving box and be evenly distributed there. This can prevent one-sided loading during lifting , which in turn helps prevent accidents.

    Protecting Objects

    Wrap individual items in newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them from abrasion. Fill in excess space and gaps with cushioning material to absorb shocks and protect contents from breakage.

    Fixing the carton

    To ensure that the moving box remains closed in the transport vehicle or during loading, it is essential that the box is securely sealed. All types of parcel tape are suitable for this.

    The most important answers

    For long-distance moves, it is a good idea to send moving boxes if certain items are to be at their destination before or after the actual move. Even if someone doesn't have a vehicle and only a few items that need to be moved, shipping is a good option – for example, when students move out of their parents' house.

    However, a moving box does not have to be used exclusively in connection with a move for shipping. Basically, a moving box is always a good idea if one package is not enough.

    In principle, all items can be sent that may also be sent by parcel. This includes, for example, clothing, books or crockery. For very high-priced goods and valuables such as coins, art or jewellery, special regulations and value limits may apply. Dangerous goods and alcohol may also not be shipped without further ado. When in doubt, ask your shipping provider.

    The duration of the standard shipping of moving boxes depends on the destination and the chosen shipping service. For shipping within Germany, it usually takes 1-3 working days. International shipping can take much longer, also because customs can play a role here.

    Depending on the provider, the following additional services or options can be booked for the shipment of moving boxes:

    • Express Shipping: With this option, delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours or 48 hours.
    • Insurance: Insurance is a great way to protect yourself against damage or loss in transit. The cost of insurance depends on the value to be insured. In most cases, a certain insurance value is already included in the package price.
    • Pick-up and delivery: The boxes are picked up by the sender and delivered to the recipient. 

    Conclusion: The moving box as a shipping space saver

    Specially designed for removals, moving boxes offer significantly more space than conventional packages in the consumer sector. In addition, moving boxes impress with their high stability and robustness. Therefore, they are great for shipping large items or sending many small parts in just one package.

    It is important to pack the boxes carefully so that no damage occurs during the sometimes rough transport. Available in a variety of sizes, moving boxes are a smart choice for a wide range of needs.

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