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    5 ideas: Wrapping gifts with wrapping paper

    Wrapping paper is ideal for wrapping gifts. The simple material is the perfect canvas for projecting creative visions. Use wrapping paper to showcase your gifts in an imaginative way. We have put together five unusual design ideas and helpful tips.

    Wrapping paper and gifts - the perfect match

    Wrapping paper and gifts merge environmentally friendly principles with stylish aesthetics. In a world that is often characterised by abundance, simple wrapping paper symbolises a return to sustainable and conscious gift-giving. Gifts wrapped in wrapping paper exude a timeless elegance and add a special, nostalgic touch to the ritual of unwrapping.

    From minimalist designs to imaginative embellishments, wrapping paper offers a versatile basis for creatively emphasising the personality of the giver and the appreciation of the recipient.

    Read the answers to the most exciting questions about wrapping paper and be inspired by our five ideas for wrapping gifts with wrapping paper. You'll find everything you need in our shop.


    1. 5 ideas for wrapping gifts with wrapping paper
    2. Wrapping paper & accessories
    3. The sustainable company gift
    4. Wrapping paper for gifts - FAQ
      1. How environmentally friendly is wrapping paper?
      2. Can I reuse wrapping paper?
      3. Which DIY techniques are particularly suitable for wrapping paper?
      4. Can I use wrapping paper to wrap presents for children?
      5. What environmentally friendly alternatives are there for gifts?
    5. Conclusion: wrapping paper - the versatile gift packaging


    5 ideas for wrapping gifts with wrapping paper

    Minimalist and natural

    Use plain brown wrapping paper and tie the gift together with natural materials such as jute string or thin twigs. Add dried flowers or leaves to give the gift a personalised and natural touch.

    Decorations and stamps

    Use stamps, calligraphy or drawings to decorate the wrapping paper with personalised messages, patterns or pictures. For example, design elaborate patterns, a poem or even an entire night sky with planets. Your gift wrapping is guaranteed to be unique.

    Origami as decoration

    Fold small origami figures or cut out patterns and flowers and attach them to the gift. This gives the wrapping paper an additional sculptural dimension and adds a playful touch to the unusual gift packaging.

    Contrasting tapes

    Use plain wrapping paper and decorate it with a wide ribbon in a contrasting colour. Choose ribbons in bright colours or with interesting patterns. Bows, special knots or gift tags add a particularly creative touch.

    Collage aus Bildern oder Blüten

    Schneiden Sie bunte Bilder oder Texte aus alten Karten, Zeitschriften oder Landkarten aus und kleben Sie diese auf das Packpapier – oder nutzen Sie getrocknete Pflanzenteile wie Blüten und Blätter. Dies schafft eine einzigartige Collage-Optik und recycelt gleichzeitig Materialien.

    Wrapping paper & accessories

    Wrapping paper

    Discover wrapping paper on a roll in various sizes. You can find different variants in our online shop.

    Adhesive tape

    Sustainable adhesive tape made of paper or customised adhesive tape with a company logo? Explore your options.

    Tissue paper

    Add an elegant splash of colour to your plain gift packaging with coloured tissue paper.

    The sustainable company gift

    Flexibly customisable

    Wrapping paper can be customised to the size of your gift. This means that no material is wasted and a high level of efficiency is achieved.

    Recycled material

    Our wrapping paper is made from 100% recycled paper and can be recycled again after use. This is our closed paper cycle.

    Sustainable accessories

    To emphasise the sustainability of gift wrapping made of wrapping paper, paper adhesive tape is suitable for fixing.

    Wrapping paper for gifts - FAQ

    Wrapping paper is generally more environmentally friendly than many other packaging materials. It is biodegradable, recyclable and usually made from sustainable resources. The ecological footprint of wrapping paper is significantly lower than that of plastics. Packing paper also performs better than cardboard because it can be customised to the size of the contents.

    Wrapping paper is very suitable for reuse. Slightly creased packing paper, for example, is still good for wrapping parcels. Make sure that it is not heavily soiled or even damaged so that protection and stability are not impaired. Reusing packaging materials helps to reduce the volume of waste and is a sustainable practice.

    Wrapping paper is perfect for a wide range of DIY techniques. Whether using acrylic paints, watercolours, markers or ink - the solid, single-colour surface is the ideal surface for painting, stamping, dabbing or spraying. The sturdy paper is also ideal for crafting using various folding and cutting techniques.

    Wrapping paper is perfect for children, especially when combined with child-friendly DIY ideas. You can make it colourful, decorate it with child-friendly stickers or even draw little toys on the paper.

    In addition to wrapping paper, there are various environmentally friendly packaging alternatives. These include carrier bags, gift boxes and shopping baskets made from corrugated cardboard. The decisive factors are the materials used and the reusability. Corrugated cardboard is considered a very ecological material as it is made from recycled and recyclable material.

    Conclusion: wrapping paper - the versatile gift packaging

    Wrapping gifts with wrapping paper opens up a wide range of possibilities to give free rein to your creativity. But even without imaginative ideas, wrapping paper impresses with its timeless and simple elegance.

    We hope our ideas will help you to add a personal touch and bring a smile to the recipient's face as soon as they receive the gift. Looking for more inspiration? Our 6 ideas for gift wrapping have more suggestions for you.

    Are you busy with business and don't have time for creativity? Then take the shortcut with the ready-made packaging ideas in our online shop and still amaze your business partners.

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