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    Tips: All about BüWa

    Book and goods shipments, BüWa for short, have become an integral part of the mail order business in Germany. Private households also use this efficient shipping method to send goods auctioned online. Find out all about the costs, contents, suitable packaging and more.
    Letter In Envelope Or Document In Mailbox. Man Hand Sending Mail

    What is a BüWa? - Definition

    BüWa stands for Bücher- und Warensendung, a low-cost shipping option offered by Deutsche Post in Germany. In addition to books and catalogues, it is also suitable for clothing, household goods or small electronic items such as mobile phone accessories. 

    BüWa consignments can weigh up to one kilogramme and are sent by letter post. The advantage lies in the low postage costs compared to parcel shipping. This is particularly attractive for publishers, booksellers and e-commerce companies.

    How much does it cost to send books and goods?

    BüWa 500

    Deutsche Post's BüWa is available in two versions. The 500 book and goods consignment is the cheaper option. It is suitable for particularly light products and must not exceed a weight of 500 grams.


    Shipping costs: €2.25

    BüWa 1000

    The book and goods consignment 1000 costs only 30 cents more. In return, the item may weigh up to 1000 grams. The same maximum dimensions apply as for the BüWa 500.


    Shipping costs: €2.55

    How big can the BüWa be?

    The maximum dimensions for a book and merchandise item sent by Deutsche Post are


    Length: up to 35.3 cm

    Width: up to 25 cm

    Height: up to 5 cm

    Weight: 500 g

    Good to know

    How long does a BüWa take?

    Book and merchandise consignments are sent by letter and are therefore not processed as quickly as parcels. As a rule, it takes around three to four working days for Deutsche Post to deliver a consignment of books and goods within Germany.

    How do I send the BüWa?

    The BüWa can be handed in at a post office or placed in the Deutsche Post letterbox with sufficient postage. In principle, all types of franking are permitted for book and merchandise consignments. It is important that the recipient's address is labelled "BüWa".

    Are there alternatives?

    DPD also offers favourable shipping methods in the form of large letters and maxi letters. The dimensions and weight classes are similar to those of BüWa. Business customers can request a quote.


    The smallest category at Hermes is the S parcel for €3.70.

    Advantages for B2B customers at a glance

    Cost efficiency

    With book and merchandise shipments, you save money compared to other shipping methods. This pays off quickly, especially with large print runs.

    Without contract

    The dispatch of a BüWa is also uncomplicated and flexible for business customers, as no contract is required.

    High level of comfort

    The BüWa fits in the letterboxes of Deutsche Post and in standard letterboxes of most recipients - so no attendance times are necessary.

    How do I pack a BüWa simply and safely?

    There are no fixed regulations for packing a BüWa. It is important that you adhere to the specified maximum dimensions and consignment weight. In addition, the books or products should be securely packed so that they arrive intact at the recipient. Packaging that is perfectly tailored to the format of the BüWa but can be flexibly adapted to the contents is best suited for this. This includes mailing bags and book packaging.

    Mailing bags

    Envelopes and mailing bags are ideal for packing books and consignments. Use padded mailing bags to securely pack sensitive products such as electronics. Or save weight when packing textiles with feather-light shipping bags.

    Book packaging

    Flexibly customisable book packaging is not only perfect for books, but also offers convenient protection for a wide range of products such as accessories, gadgets or even electrical components. Book packaging is made of sturdy cardboard, which provides basic protection for the goods inside. You also benefit from remarkably easy handling.

    Conclusion on BüWa: Maximum cost efficiency

    If shipping time is of secondary importance, book and merchandise consignments are an extremely cost-efficient shipping option, and not just for books. The BüWa is suitable for small and light goods of all kinds.

    Regardless of whether you want to send mobile phone accessories, household goods or catalogues - the choice of suitable shipping packaging is crucial. This packaging must not only ensure the stability and safety of the products and books during transport, but also take into account the weight restrictions and size requirements of the BüWa. 

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