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    6 ideas: Gift wrapping for every event

    Ideas for gift wrapping are just as important as the gift itself. Whether it's a promotional gift, a birthday present or a wedding gift. Gift-giving and wrapping are a timeless tradition with which we express our appreciation, love and gratitude.
    Ideen für Geschenkverpackungen - Hero

    Inspiring ideas for gift wrapping

    Looking for unusual ideas for your gift packaging? Carefully selected and creatively designed gift packaging can further increase the anticipation of the recipient and emphasise the personal touch.

    Whether you're an advertising agency, confectioner or private individual - here you'll find unique packaging that can be scaled to suit different needs. As packaging professionals, we know how to combine unusual designs with environmental compatibility and stability.  

    We have put together inspiring ideas for gift packaging for six different occasions. Surprise your recipients with a smile in their hearts and leave a lasting impression.

    1. wrapping gifts for business partners

    It is crucial to leave a positive impression on your business partners. With our high-quality gift packaging, you can create a professional and polished image.


    From elegant gift boxes to personalised gift bags, our products will enhance your company's brand and leave a lasting impression on recipients.

    2. original ideas for birthday packaging

    Birthdays are special moments that deserve special attention. By choosing the right gift packaging, you can increase the excitement and anticipation.


    Opt for colourful gift boxes, bright wrapping paper or themed gift bags to make the birthday boy or girl feel truly celebrated.

    3. inspiration for the packaging of anniversary gifts

    Celebrating milestones in a relationship requires special attention to detail. Whether it's a wedding anniversary or a work anniversary, our gift wrapping solutions enhance the sentiment behind the gift.


    Choose from elegant gift bags, customised boxes or unique wrapping techniques to create a meaningful presentation.

    Tip: Packaging for gifts in the Model Shop

    4. the best packaging for Christmas presents

    The festive season is synonymous with gift-giving, and choosing the perfect gift wrap can make your presents stand out under the Christmas tree.


    Our creative ideas for gift wrapping - such as festive boxes or personalised ribbons - will make your presents the highlight of the season.

    5. loving gift packaging for Valentine's Day

    On this day of love and romance, a beautifully wrapped gift can speak volumes. Capture the essence of the occasion with heart-shaped gift boxes, delicate tissue paper and romantic touches.


    Our range of gift wrapping will help you create a memorable and heartfelt gesture, whether you're wrapping a gift for a woman or a man.

    6. luxury packaging for weddings

    Weddings are joyous occasions full of love and happiness. Make sure your gift matches the splendour of the event by opting for sophisticated gift boxes, luxurious ribbons and exquisite packaging details.


    Our wedding-themed gift packaging will make your gift a treasured keepsake for the couple.

    Order your gift packaging easily online

    The right gift wrap can make all the difference when giving a gift. At Model, we know how important it is to you to create an unforgettable experience with your gift. Our wide range of gift packaging - from simple boxes to colourful boxes and eye-catching bags - is ideal for private use, but also for gift shops and event agencies or large companies.

    There are no limits to your ideas with our gift packaging. The best way to make a lasting impression.

    Browse through our model shop today for inspiration. And find the perfect solution for gift packaging to suit your ideas and requirements.

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