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No future without origin

Our company is run in the fourth generation by Daniel and Elisabeth Model. As you can see, our company history goes back almost 140 years and yet we have to prove ourselves on the market every day with our products and services.

Our lean organization is geared towards an efficient flow of business processes. The individual locations are structured in a process-oriented manner, have their own sales and development teams and have a high level of decision-making responsibility.

Daniel and Elisabeth Model

The Model Group in figures 2022

CHF 1 212

Consolidated sales proceeds in millions

CHF 152

Investments in millions

1 380 m²

Corrugated board production in millions

19 030 t

Solid board packaging

466 000 t

Corrugated board paper production

4 541

Average number of employees

The Model Group

We develop, produce and supply intelligent, innovative and high-quality display and packaging solutions made of solid and corrugated cardboard. Model Group employs around 4,600 people at 15 European locations.

Model Holding AG

Model Holding AG is the holding and management company of the group and one hundred percent owned by the Model family. The company's headquarters are located in Weinfelden, Switzerland.

Board of Directors


Dr. Daniel Model


Elisabeth Model


Benedikt Goldkamp


Daniel S. Aegerter

Group Executive Platform


Dr. Daniel Model

COO Switzerland

Elisabeth Model

Managing Director Model GmbH

Thorsten Röttger

COO Czech Republic

Josef Chalupný

COO Poland

Krzysztof Jażdżyk


Michael Apel

COO Paper Unit

Jürgen Lemke

Immerse yourself in our history


Model makes packaging by hand

When Louis Model founded the company in 1882, he was actually already doing what we do today. Only by other means: In the hand cardboard factory in Ermatingen, waste paper was dissolved in large boilers, the porridge was poured into flat molds and the paper sheets were hung up to dry. Solid cardboard and packaging – handmade – was created from several glued pages. Today we have machines for this, but one thing has not changed: Our adhesive is still natural potato and wheat starch, as it was 140 years ago.


A bold step

The industrial production of cardboard began with Otto Model in the 1930s. In the USA, he bought a round sieve board machine that could be used to produce cardboard products. This cost no less than four times the annual turnover of the company at that time. A bold move that paid off. Due to a tragic accident, Otto Model was only able to accompany the success until 1940. His wife took over the company in Weinfelden. As an extraordinary entrepreneur and strong woman, Els Müller-Model is still the heroine of our company history.


From solid board to corrugated board

In the 1950s, the demand for corrugated board increased because it has a high lightness and stability compared to other packaging and transport materials. Our company also specialized in the production of corrugated board, which was constantly expanded under Otto Model jun. – who took over the management of the company in 1961.



Daniel Model, son of Otto Model jun., experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall and the mood of departure in 1989. At that time he was working as a consultant in Potsdam and recognized the possibilities of the new markets in the European East. In 1991, Daniel Model joined the company and seized the opportunity to take over a plant in the Czech Republic. The first step towards internationalization was taken.


Model as an integrated company

Today, paper production by hand has become individual stages of the value chain. Instead of individual sheets, we produce paper industrially on huge rolls. Machines glue 450 meters of paper per minute to corrugated board. From these corrugated sheets, we create the packaging in various further processing steps. With our locations, we are now in a compact Central European position. And the next generation is already part of the Model Group.

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