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    Tips & Tricks: How to Ship Furniture Correctly

    Do you want to ship furniture as efficiently as possible? Read our tried-and-tested tips for protecting your furniture and choosing a suitable shipping service provider. You can also browse through our packaging solutions.

    Shipping furniture – it's that easy

    Do you have to ship individual pieces of furniture or organize a complete move? Whether you're a freight forwarder, online shop or consumer – we've put together a comprehensive guide with useful tips on furniture shipping for you. In doing so, we focus on proven methods and modern tools that are suitable for both private and commercial use.

    Preparing furniture correctly

    Proper preparation when shipping furniture ensures that the furniture remains safe and intact throughout the shipping process. The most important factors at a glance.

    Disassembly (if necessary)

    Disassembling furniture can make shipping much easier and reduce the risk of damage. Before shipping, you should check whether disassembly is possible and sensible, especially for large or bulky pieces of furniture. All screws, bolts and other fasteners should be carefully stored and marked to avoid losses and allow for smooth assembly at the destination.

    Choice of packaging

    Proper packaging will protect your furniture from bumps, knocks, and other damage that may occur during transport. Furniture often requires tailor-made packaging solutions. Continuous corrugated cardboard or stretch film, for example, are suitable here to avoid scratches, dents or breakage. In addition, edge protection can effectively protect sensitive corners, and upholstery materials such as bubble wrap are suitable for fragile pieces of furniture.

    Protection during transport

    In addition to choosing the right packaging materials, it is important to securely fix the furniture in the transport vehicle to minimize movement during transport. Locking straps or lashing straps are suitable for this purpose. Careful handling during loading and unloading is also important to avoid damage and ensure a safe arrival of the furniture at its destination.

    Explore packaging materials

    Continuous corrugated board

    Perfect for bulky goods of all kinds – continuous corrugated cardboard can be precisely adapted to the individual size of the piece of furniture and offers a high level of protection against damage.


    E-commerce Automated Wellpappe Products

    Stretch film

    Stretch film is flexible and adaptable, providing an extra layer of protection against dust, scratches and moisture during transport. It also helps to securely bundle and stabilize the furniture during shipping.

    Upholstery material

    Upholstery material plays a crucial role in furniture shipping, as it protects delicate surfaces from scratches and damage and provides effective cushioning during transport.


    Edge protection

    Edge protection is essential to protect the delicate edges of furniture from impact and impact damage. Our self-adhesive cardboard edge protection profiles can be easily attached and removed without leaving any residue.

    Post office, freight forwarder or moving company?

    Which shipping method is best for your furniture depends on various factors – in addition to the budget, it is mainly about the size and weight of the furniture, the quantity and the desired scope of service. A careful comparison of options may be worthwhile.

    Send furniture by post

    Swiss Post and other parcel service providers offer a cost-effective solution for sending parcels thanks to standardised services. However, most furniture can only be sent as a parcel when dismantled and the individual packages may not exceed a weight of 30 to 40 kg (depending on the supplier). In addition, you have the option of sending your furniture as bulky goods via parcel service provider. However, bulky goods surcharges are cost-intensive.

    Deliver furniture by freight forwarder

    Freight forwarders are mostly companies with different locations whose vehicles commute between locations. This allows freight forwarders to offer general cargo shipping , which can be a cost-effective solution for shipping furniture. In this case, your furniture will share the transport vehicle with items from other customers of the forwarding company. Alternatively, freight forwarders also offer the booking of a complete truck.

    Furniture transport by moving company

    If a lot of furniture is to be shipped at once due to a move, it may be worthwhile to hire a moving company. This is the most expensive option, but it offers the most comprehensive service . The professional movers of moving companies are fast and efficient. They know exactly how to make furniture reach its destination well protected.

    Buy professional packaging

    Pallet box with loading hatch

    This pallet box offers plenty of storage space for large items or small furniture and accessories such as cabinet doors or shelves. The practical loading hatch simplifies the packing of the box – ideal when things need to be done quickly.

    Pressed wood pallet

    Secure heavy furniture with heavy-duty pressed-wood pallets to ensure a stable base for transport. These pallets provide an even distribution of weight and solid support for cabinets or sofas.

    Modular Moving Boxes

    One of the biggest challenges when shipping furniture is loading the transport vehicle. In this case, it helps immensely if other moving boxes can be loaded in a space-saving and effective way.

    Tips for freight forwarders

    Professional transport companies know exactly what to look for when choosing packaging for shipping furniture. Nevertheless, there are some tricks that can be interesting even for professionals.

    Use modern packaging

    State-of-the-art packaging solutions such as pallet boxes with loading hatches and perfectly coordinated carton sets with automatic bottoms save a lot of time when packing and loading. This makes the entire shipping process more efficient.

    Buy directly from the manufacturer

    By purchasing packaging materials directly from the manufacturer, you save costs. In addition, you get an overview of the manufacturer's entire portfolio and can make individual arrangements. This ensures that you always receive high-quality and tailor-made products. In addition, attractive volume discounts await.

    Customise packaging

    By customizing your packaging materials with your logo, selected colors or other details, you underline your professionalism. This creates trust with customers and strengthens your brand image.

    FAQ: Shipping furniture

    Basically, almost any type of furniture can be shipped, from small decorative items to large closets or sofas. However, it is important to consider the size, weight, and fragility of the furniture and then choose the appropriate shipping carrier.

    Continuous corrugated cardboard, stretch film or shrink film and bubble wrap are very suitable for furniture shipping. In addition, special edge protection should always be used. Disassembled furniture and decorative materials can be shipped in sturdy boxes. The choice of packaging depends on the type and size of the furniture, as well as the transport requirements.

    Choosing the right shipping carrier depends on several factors, including the size and weight of the furniture, the distance of transportation, delivery times, costs, and the services needed such as pickup and assembly. It's a good idea to compare different shipping options, such as a parcel carrier, freight forwarder, or moving company. Online reviews can help you make the best choice.

    Bulky pieces of furniture often need to be dismantled before they can be transported. If this is not possible or only possible to a limited extent (as is the case with solid wood furniture, for example ), tension straps, stretch film and pressed wood pallets help to secure the vehicle in place. 

    During transport, furniture must be  securely fixed in the transport vehicle – preferably by means of tension straps. To protect the surfaces of the furniture from friction and impacts, upholstery materials, corrugated cardboard or foil and edge protection should be used.


    When shipping furniture abroad , customs regulations, insurance conditions, delivery timesand special transport requirements must be taken into account. It is advisable to find out about the necessary documents and permits in advance and to choose a reliable international shipping service provider.

    Conclusion: Furniture shipping made easy

    Shipping furniture can be a challenging task, but with the right know-how and resources, it can go smoothly. By choosing the right packaging materials, carefully preparing the furniture and choosing the right shipping service provider, you can minimize damage and ensure safe transport of your furniture.

    Do you want to ship more bulky products? Learn more about how to properly pack large items.


    Packaging for furniture shipping

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