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    Our products have an impact on the environment.

    That is why we ensure they are harmless.

    We think products can be used without second-guessing if they strip down the amount of material used to the bare essentials. We think packaging can be used without second-guessing if it is stable and protects its contents. It is about using materials that are still food-grade even though they will not end up in foodstuffs, with hygiene measures that meet or exceed international standards. Essentially, our products can be used without second-guessing once we have managed to put your mind at rest, ensuring that they bring you joy, not a concern. In short, our ambition is actually for you to be happy – second-guess that!

    1. Our ambition

    We transform the old, the used into the new and the beautiful

    Packaging is an indispensable part of value chains, whether local or global. We have packaging to thank for the fact that food stays fresh for longer and can be stored for longer periods of time. Packaging enables goods to be portioned and measured with precision. It also allows goods to be stacked up, makes them easier to handle, helps space to be used efficiently during transport, and facilitates automation in the packaging process. And the most important thing? It ensures goods get to their destination in one piece.

    Packaging is a platform for content and branding, and ultimately its design and style influence whether a shopper decides to buy a particular product. Packaging is important, there’s no question about it. But it also impacts our environment. That is why we not only look at the merits and disadvantages of packaging, we also focus on the development and in particular the quality of our products.

    "By 2030, all our plants will have implemented a recognized system for product safety."

    2. Our actions

    We are tough on ourselves

    We monitor the quality of every manufacturing process on an ongoing basis. All key information relating to the production chain is documented in a policy statement that stretches from warehouse conditions to traceability, through to certification and additives.

    As part of this, we work with certified quality processes and management systems. We use cutting-edge technology in our labs and in the production of food-grade additives. Our customers audit our factories regularly, and their input gives us invaluable ideas for optimization and innovation.

    We put ourselves to the test

    All our factories are certified to ISO 9001 for quality management. The manufacturing plants for foodstuffs packaging are certified in line with the BRC Global Packaging standard for product safety. Most retail chains prescribe this as a binding standard for suppliers of primary and secondary food packaging.

    But that is not enough for us. Experienced auditors from independent, external certification bodies not only play a role in ensuring compliance with standards, we also benefit from invaluable regular discussions with them, which help us continue to improve our processes. Our Weinfelden site is particularly worth highlighting: it’s received the AA classification for high-quality hygiene standards under the BRC Global Standard Packaging.

    Enjoy your food without a second thought

    Alongside paper and corrugated card, we also work with inks, coatings, and adhesives – and they must be used with special care when it comes to food packaging.

    As a result, at Model we use only materials that do not taint the food with harmful substances. They do not affect the smell, taste, or chemical composition of the packaged goods. We insist on proof from our suppliers to guarantee that all the substances in our products meet our strict requirements.

    Our products are safe for consumers.

    Spick and span

    Much of our packaging makes its way into food manufacturers’ cleanrooms. That is why hygiene is of the utmost importance to us. In our eyes, hygiene is more than a guideline: it is a fundamental principle. We impart this principle to our employees on a routine basis, along with unequivocal instructions. In turn, this creates habits such as our employees eating and drinking only in break rooms and not smoking on company premises.

    The demands we place on ourselves are the same ones we place on our suppliers and visitors. And we always ensure that the only people in our manufacturing spaces are those authorized to be there.

    When it comes to product safety, we comply with the following international standards and develop them further if required:


    • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
    • BRC Global Standard Packaging Materials
    • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

    We back people - and machines

    We always try to reduce the number of points where errors could arise. Automation of plants and manufacturing processes is a key tool for doing this.

    We use automation to reduce the room for errors caused by inattentiveness and carelessness. Automation not only boosts the quality of our products, it also reduces waste.

    Automation can be a long and complex task, but it motivates our engineers and process experts and pushes them on to do great things.

    3. Our goals

    By 2030, all our plants will have implemented a recognized product safety system. We will reach this goal thanks to stable processes and by making ongoing improvements to ensure our manufacturing is as precise and error-free as possible.

    We will reduce (or maintain) our complaints rate, lead time, and delivery service while increasing productivity. We will achieve this goal through targeted investment in new technology and highly qualified employees.

    GRI information

    Documenting GRI indicators

    This report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and aligns the key aspects of the GRI with the four pillars of the Model Group’s sustainability strategy.

    GRI 416-1 – 416-2, 417-1

    Customer health and safety

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    Our manufacturing processes are not yet carbon-neutral. But we are making good progress.



    In short, we delegate responsibility. To every single person.