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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    Flexographic printing

    High volume printing of corrugated packaging where strength and toughness are a priority.

    High volume printing for multipurpose packaging

    What used to require a different approach to graphics, we can now print on corrugated packaging. There is no longer a dilemma between the strength of the packaging material and the quality of the print.

    How is this possible? The raster, i.e. structure and size of the individual dots, plays an important role. We can use smaller screen sizes in flexo printing, which means a better quality result.

    In the case of packaging that has to meet higher strength and load-bearing requirements and is therefore made of corrugated board, the manufacturer no longer has to worry about the customer not recognising the brand or being negatively influenced by the print motif when making a purchase.

    Key features of flexographic printing

    Optimized costs

    Higher input costs are quickly offset by production efficiencies and favourable material prices. The full potential of flexo printing can be realised in high volume production.

    Multi-purpose packaging

    Corrugated packaging can be designed for multiple uses in the value chain. Talk to us about the possibilities of designing a solution that saves space on the pallet and serves its purpose during transport, storage or sale to the end customer.

    Rapid development in print quality

    Post-printing technologies such as HQPP allow us to achieve a comparable visual result to offset printing. The resulting packaging ensures customer satisfaction and allows you to further optimise your costs.

    E-commerce packaging

    A special unpacking experience and better customer information can be achieved by printing the reverse side. Combined with other conveniences such as easy closing/opening, the perfect e-commerce packaging can be created.

    Material availability

    We produce corrugated cardboard ourselves, unlike the solid board that we buy from verified suppliers.

    Model has three own corrugated board mills. As a result, you don't have to worry about long waiting times or material shortages.

    Which printing method is the best for your project?

    The choice of printing method depends on the specific specification of your packaging project.

    Do you know the primary purpose of your packaging? What quantities do you need to produce? What are the users' expectations? Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on the ideal solution for you.

    Corrugated board vs solid & litho-laminated board

    Flexographic vs offset printing

    Consider Flexographic printing if:

    • You prefer shorter setup times and lower initial costs, making it ideal for high-volume printing.
    • While it offers good quality, smaller range of colors and resolution might be acceptable for your needs.
    • You find it beneficial for multi-purpose packaging.
    • You're seeking cost-effective options for medium to high-volume printing jobs.

    Consider Offset printing if:

    • You're willing to invest in longer setup times and higher initial costs, particularly for medium to high-volume printing projects.
    • High-quality, precise color, and consistency are crucial for your prints.
    • You prioritize top hygiene standards and have diverse printing needs.
    • Your projects involve medium to high-volume printing, and efficiency is key.
    Corrugated board vs solid & litho-laminated board

    Flexographic vs digital printing

    Consider Flexographic printing if:

    • You're comfortable with low setup requirements, particularly for high-volume printing.
    • While it offers good quality, smaller range of colors and resolution might be acceptable for your needs.
    • Multi-purpose packaging is a key consideration for your printing needs.
    • You're seeking cost-effective options for medium to high-volume printing jobs.

    Consider Digital printing if:

    • You prefer minimal setup requirements, especially for short print runs.
    • Precise color reproduction and consistency are crucial, particularly for detailed prints.
    • On-demand printing and customizable options, including variable data, are important for your projects.
    • You're looking for cost-effective solutions for small to medium print runs with quick turnaround times.

    Explore other printing methods we use at Model

    Offset printing

    High-quality printing of solid or litho-laminated cardboard packaging with the possibility of a number of follow-up refinements. 


    Digital printing

    Personalised printing with high flexibility and a wide range of colours.

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