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    Bubble Wrap – discover a wide range of products

    Looking for bubble wrap for your specific needs? Browse through our range and rediscover bubble wrap.

    Buy varied bubble wrap

    Bubble wrap is not just bubble wrap, it's an incredibly versatile product. From several widths to the number of layers to the nubs' thickness, there is a wide range of options to buy. With or without perforation, including lamination or not – discover all the possibilities in our extensive product overview.

    As a manufacturer committed to sustainability, we offer exceptionally durable and multi-reusable bubble wrap. In addition, you will find sustainable alternatives for bubble wrap and answers to all your questions about the nubby cushioning material.

    Bubble wrap by width

    Our standard bubble wrap is 2-ply and comes with a nub thickness of 50 my and in a roll length of 100 running meters, which can be cut to size as required.

    Bubble wrap in 0.5 m width

    Protect your products safely and reliably with this high-quality bubble wrap.

    Bubble wrap in 0.6 m width

    Suitable for use in retail, warehouses, removals and much more.

    Bubble wrap in 1 m width

    This lightweight and robust bubble wrap provides effective protection for your goods.

    Bubble wrap in 1.2 m width

    Perfect for use when moving, in industry and logistics, in goods trading and more.

    Bubble wrap in 1.5 m width

    The nubs offer effective shock absorption and guarantee reliable protection.

    Specific bubble wrap

    In addition to our standard products, you can also buy specific bubble wraps from us – for a wide variety of applications and areas of application.

    Antistatic bubble wrap

    When anti-statics is crucial (for example, in electronic components), this bubble wrap offers reliable protection.

    Air cushioning film with strong nubs

    This bubble wrap comes with extra-strong nubs of 80 my. Ideal for protecting particularly high-value items.

    3-ply bubble wrap


    Perfect for the robust and reliable protection of sensitive products during long transports in harsh conditions.

    Paper-laminated bubble wrap

    If stored for a long time, nubs can cause marks on some surfaces. This prevents the paper lamination.

    Non-woven laminated bubble wrap

    This 3-layer bubble wrap is laminated with fleece. As a result, it is not only opaque, but also offers extraordinarily high tear resistance.

    Perforated bubble wrap Perfopack

    Adjustable to different lengths without a knife thanks to the practical perforation after every 300 mm.

    Paper bubble wrap – sustainable alternatives

    Do you love sustainable processes as much as we do? Rely on our sustainable upholstery material.

    Continuous corrugated board

    Continuous corrugated cardboard can be used as flexibly as bubble wrap, but is made from recycled paper and is therefore much more sustainable.

    Wrapping paper

    Wrapping paper offers good protection against scratches and, crumpled up, is suitable as an effective cushioning material for shock absorption.


    Wood wool

    Our wood wool comes from sustainably managed forests and is ideal as an insulating material for shipping or transport.


    In 1957, bubble wrap was invented in the USA. The two engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes actually wanted to develop a wallpaper made of plastic . In 1959, the inventors applied for a patent under the name "Bubble Wrap".

    In bubble wrap, the abbreviation my stands for micrometer and describes the thickness of the nubs. The correct abbreviation would be μm for micrometer, as my actually just means "micro".

    Bubble wrap is easy to cut with scissors, a cutter knife or a special air cushion knife. Ideally, you should cut the film on a flat surface to get clean edges. Perforated bubble wrap is an alternative.

    High-quality bubble wrap can easily be reused - even several times. Whether reuse is suitable for your products depends primarily on aspects such as the degree of contamination and the size of the blanks.

    There is no bubble wrap made of paper, but paper- or cardboard-based alternatives have been developed, such as continuous corrugated cardboard or roll-wave cardboard or honeycomb paper.

    It is not recommended to bring bubble wrap directly into contact with food, as it is not certified for this purpose. Instead, use special food packaging.

    In fact, bubble wrap is not only considered a packaging miracle - the gentle popping that occurs when the nubs burst open is considered relaxing and can be downright addictive. However, if you love nibbling in the long run, you are better off with toys explicitly developed for this purpose (keyword Pop-it).

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