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    Tips: What is frustration-free packaging and where can you buy it?

    Frustration-free packaging is more than just a concept from e-commerce giant Amazon. What can online shops learn from it and can you simply buy frustration-free packaging?

    Frustration-free packaging for more satisfaction

    Have you ever despaired of blister packaging? These annoying plastic packs are the opposite of frustration-free packaging and take up time in everyday life. The Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) programme from Amazon provides a remedy. Frustration-free packaging is a new standard that stands for greater customer satisfaction and more sustainability.

    Find out what online shops and manufacturers can learn from this concept and where you can buy or commission frustration-free packaging.

    What is frustration-free packaging according to Amazon?

    Amazon introduced the Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) programme in 2008. Since then, the packaging weight per consignment has been reduced by an average of 41%. As a result, the mail order company saves enormous amounts of CO2 every year. Manufacturers can make their contribution and have their packaging certified according to the following criteria.

    Dispatch without outer packaging

    Shipping without outer packagingThe product can be shipped in its own packaging and does not need to be additionally packaged by Amazon.

    Frustration-free packaging

    The packaging must be easy to open without the use of force. Additional tools such as a knife or scissors are not required.

    Protection against damage

    The packaging must adequately protect the contents from damage during transport.


    The packaging must be 100% recyclable and must not contain any materials that make recycling more difficult (such as cable ties).

    Advantages of frustration-free packaging

    Higher customer satisfaction

    First impressions count - a better unpacking experience also increases overall satisfaction with the product.



    Less packaging waste

    As no outer packaging is required for shipping, the amount of packaging waste is drastically reduced in the long term.

    Multiple cost reductions

    The sustainable optimisation of packaging reduces costs for materials, storage, shipping and environmental regulations.



    Improved transport efficiency

    Less packaging means less weight and, ideally, less space in the transport vehicle. This increases efficiency.


    What can manufacturers and online shops learn?

    Frustration-free packaging does not have to be a unique selling point for Amazon. Other online shops and manufacturers can also benefit from the advantages of frustration-free packaging. We have summarised the most important findings.

    User friendliness

    Design packaging with your customers' needs in mind and enable stress-free unpacking. Reduce unnecessary plastic, adhesive tape or cable ties and opt for sustainable and recyclable materials.

    Brand image

    Eco-friendly and customer-centred packaging can have a positive impact on your brand image. Customers like companies that are committed to sustainable practices and user-friendly packaging.


    Be transparent in your decisions and benefit from them. Communicate clearly why you use improved packaging and how these decisions benefit the customer and the environment.

    Buy frustration-free packaging

    Frustration-free shipping packaging

    Discover a wide variety of well thought-out and sustainable shipping packaging that is sure to avoid any frustration.

    Frustration-free food packaging

    Safe and fresh to your destination. Experience highly functional and resource-saving food packaging in attractive designs.

    Frustration-free gift packaging

    Do you want to wrap gifts or send products in gift packaging? Discover a wide range of options for every occasion.


    Frustration-free packaging significantly improves the customer experience by simplifying the unpacking process. At the same time, they help to minimise the environmental footprint by reducing excessive packaging material.

    In addition to the FFP programme, there are also the less stringent SIOC and PFP programmes. SIOC stands for Ships-in-Own Container and describes products that are shipped in their own packaging. This programme has existed for some time, especially for bulky products.

    PFP stands for Prep-Free Packaging and describes products that require additional packaging, but for which no other shipping preparations are necessary.

    Certified frustration-free packaging must not compromise the safety of the products. The design focuses on making unpacking easier for the end user without jeopardising the integrity of the product.

    Challenges can include finding the right balance between user-friendliness, product protection and sustainability. Another aspect can be the conversion of existing packaging processes and machines.

    If you want to use frustration-free packaging as a seller on Amazon, you must register your products for the FFP programme. To do this, you must check the packaging of your products for compliance with the FFP criteria listed above.

    Typical examples of frustration-free packaging are boxes with flaps, packaging with easily removable adhesive tape or the classic - cardboard boxes and envelopes with pre-punched perforations. The material is usually paper or cardboard.

    Conclusion: This makes unpacking fun

    Frustration-free packaging is far more than just a trend in e-commerce. It completes the shopping experience and also reduces material and shipping costs. Frustration-free packaging is a must for online shops and all manufacturers who not only want to increase customer satisfaction but also take on ecological responsibility.

    The future of packaging lies in user-friendliness. Turn the unpacking of your products into an experience. Simply browse for suitable options in our online shop or contact us for a customised solution.

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