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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    Buy cardboard boxes online: In our online shop

    In our online shop, we offer you an excellent selection of cardboard boxes, packaging and packaging materials.

    Buy online directly from the manufacturer

    We are not only a manufacturer of paper, cardboard and tailor-made packaging, but also offer the possibility of conveniently ordering in small quantities directly from stock.

    In our online shop you can expect a carefully compiled selection of high-quality cardboard boxes from our standard range.

    Discover our extensive catalogue of standardised boxes, packaging and cardboard boxes available directly from our warehouse.

    This guarantees not only the highest quality, but also an outstanding price-performance ratio. Explore the variety of our stock products and benefit from uncomplicated order processing.

    Cardboard boxes for every need in our online shop

    Discover a wide range of cardboard boxes for different applications.

    Whether it's e-commerce shipping, removals, food packaging, bottle packaging for beer and wine, bag-in-box, gift packaging or industrial packaging such as pallet boxes and large formats – you'll find the right solutions with us.

    Our products are characterized by quality and robustness. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Rely on our service and find the ideal packaging solution for your needs!

    What do I have to consider when buying cardboard boxes online?

    1. Material Quality

    Unlike single-layer paper or cardboard, cardboard consists of two or more layers, each of which can have different thicknesses or materials. This multi-layered structure gives the cardboard packaging an impressive stability and resilience despite its comparatively low weight. These properties make it an ideal material for a wide range of applications.


    Single-wall cardboard consists of a single layer of corrugated cardboard. These are particularly light and flexible, which makes them suitable for shipping light goods or products. The single-wave structure provides sufficient protection and is well suited for less delicate goods.


    Double-wall cardboard boxes have two layers of corrugated cardboard, which are connected to each other by an additional middle layer. This design gives the packaging greater strength and is therefore more suitable for heavier or more delicate goods. 

    2. Size

    Corrugated board can be produced and cut to almost any conceivable shape and size, making it optimally adapted to the specific requirements of a wide range of applications.


    The choice of the ideal size for your packaged goods plays a decisive role in ensuring maximum stability. Whether you need single or double wall cardboard boxes, we offer the right size for optimal performance.


    You will find different sizes with us. You can use the Box Finder in the online shop to find the cardboard box that best suits your packaged goods. Alternatively, you can choose by volume.

    Our Volume Sizes include:

    3. Construction

    When buying cardboard boxes, it is crucial to understand the different constructions. For this purpose, the FEFCO code was introduced, a four-digit code that describes the structure of a cardboard box. This code makes it possible to clearly distinguish between different types.


    For example, the identifier 02 stands for folding cartons or folding boxes, while the abbreviation 07 stands for pre-glued boxes, such as folding bottom boxes or erecting boxes.


    It is important to pay attention to this code in order to select the optimal design for your needs. In addition to folding cartons and glued boxes, there are other important types that are decisive depending on the intended use, such as wrapping cartons, trays or slip-on lid boxes.


    So, when buying, make sure to choose the right construction according to your needs.

    Packaging for postal delivery

    Whatever you want to send by post, you will find your packaging in the online store. Thanks to our sturdy – and at the same time thin – corrugated cardboard, the packaging for postal delivery is extremely resilient. All boxes and boxes can be purchased from us from just one piece. We deliver quickly and reliably.

    Packaging for moving and storage

    Moving boxes from Model do not require adhesive tape and can be put together modularly. They come with a practical hinged lid and are extremely stable. The moving boxes are useful, for example. for folder and document archiving: Easy to fill, close and, thanks to its wet-proof quality, stable even in humid environments.


    Our special boxes for refrigerated and frozen goods maintain the temperature even in the height of summer and are 100% recyclable compared to hemp or polystyrene packaging. With our wet-strength bag-in-box solution, you can also transport and ship liquids without any problems. Independent institutes test all food packaging that you can buy in the Model Shop.

    Gift wrapping

    Find the right gift wrapping for every occasion. From gift boxes to tissue paper, we offer a wide range of ideas for special occasions and customer gifts.

    Industrial Packaging

    Our clever industrial packaging meets the special requirements in production and focuses on sustainability. Whether it's bulky and heavy products, bulk goods or dangerous goods – you'll find the right packaging solution here. If you want it to be cheaper, choose our pallet boxes: easy to handle, quickly filled and suitable for Euro pallets.

    Upholstery Material & Accessories

    From practical adhesive tape dispensers to protective upholstery rolls, you will find everything you need for your secure packaging in the Model Shop. We have the ideal selection for the safe shipping and transport of your goods.  In addition, you will find everything you need to make a lasting impression when unpacking.


    Individual packaging solutions

    Do you want tailor-made packaging that is tailored to your exact needs? Our experienced team can realize almost any desired shape and size of cardboard. Be inspired by your ideas and together we will develop a unique packaging solution that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.