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    Packing jars: Tips for a Smooth Move

    Packing jars and preparing them for unbreakable transport is one of the most important tasks when moving. With these tips and products, you can do it.
    Packing Glasses At Home Apartment Room. Moving Service

    Packaging jars like a pro

    The unexpected clinking of delicate glasses is the nightmare of every move. To prevent this scenario, it is crucial to carefully plan the packaging of jars. With the right preparation and a few proven techniques, you will minimize the risk of breakages and experience a smooth move.

    We've put together an in-depth guide to ensure the safety of your glassware in transit. Read how to pack your jars correctly:

    5 tips for wrapping jars
    Packaging strategies for special jars

    Or buy the right packaging material directly:

    Filling material for packing jars
    Boxes and inserts for glasses

    5 tips for wrapping jars

    1. Pack jars individually

    Never place glass rim on glass rim as this increases the risk of scratches and breakages immensely. Instead, use cushioning material such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, or newspaper to securely wrap each glass and absorb shocks during transport. Make sure that the glass floor is also protected. Is that too time-consuming for you? It is easier with special separating inserts for glasses.

    2. Fill in the gaps

    Fill gaps in the box with cushioning material such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper or special materials for cavities such as SizzlePak. This ensures that the lenses do not slip back and forth during transport and are therefore better protected. Be sure to place the cushioning materials tightly, but not too tightly, to avoid excessive compression of the lenses.

    3. Avoid overloading

    To minimize the risk of breakage, do not overload the boxes. Heavy jars should be placed at the bottom of the box, while lighter jars should be placed over it. This not only optimises the weight of the carton, but also increases its stability, resulting in a lower risk of damage. Also make sure that the boxes are tightly closed to prevent them from breaking apart during transport.

    4. Don't mix

    To prevent heavy objects from pressing too the sensitive glass, it is advisable to pack glass by type – i.e. to pack glass only together with glass and not to mix it with pots or books. This cannot always be implemented consistently in reality. In this case, the following applies again: heavy objects belong at the bottom of the box!

    5. Label boxes

    Sometimes the simplest tips are the most important. Always label boxes containing glass accordingly! This is the only way to make sure that the movers are in the know and handle your boxes with appropriate care

    Filling material for packing jars


    SizzlePak is a versatile filling material made from recycled paper that provides effective cushioning for your glasses. Its unique structure ensures a secure fixation in the carton and minimizes the risk of breakage. Available in bright colours, it is also suitable for gift packaging.

    Tissue paper

    Tissue paper is a lightweight yet sturdy material that provides gentle cushioning for delicate lenses. It protects the surfaces of your crystal from scratches and is also perfect for shipping high-quality glass products due to its luxurious feel .

    Wrapping paper

    Wrapping paper is a classic packaging material that provides reliable padding for jars. It is ideal for filling gaps in cartons and protects the jars from shocks and shocks during transport.

    Bubble wrap

    Bubble wrap is a sturdy and effective cushioning material that provides excellent shock absorption for lenses. The bubbles absorb shocks and vibrations, protecting your lenses from damage during transport.

    Packaging strategies for special jars

    Packing cups

    While cups are usually sturdier than glasses, the handle requires extra care. To ensure that the handle survives transport safely, it should also be padded in a targeted manner to avoid excessive pressure.

    Packing drinking glasses

    Drinking glasses are usually very robust and therefore do not need to be handled with increased care. Nevertheless, it is glass. Basic rules such as packing individually and not mixing with heavy objects still apply.

    Packaging wine glasses

    The most sensitive type of glasses are thin-walled glasses with stems – such as wine glasses, champagne glasses or pilsner cuffs. Special inserts for glasses are available here, which reliably protect the expensive crystal inside the box from breakage.

    Packing carafes

    Carafes are often heavy and have a lid or stopper. These elements should definitely be packed separately. Wrap both the carafe and the cap individually .

    Packing Shot Glasses

    Shot glasses can be easily packed in pairs in a layer of wrapping paper . However, even with this type of wrapping, make sure that the paper always encloses the entire glass and that the jars do not touch each other directly.

    Boxes and inserts for glasses

    Insert for glasses

    This special insert for glasses reliably protects your precious crystal in the box. Use multiple layers for taller jars and cartons. The size per compartment is 9.2x9.2x16.3 cm.

    Insert for bottles

    This insert is actually designed for bottles with a diameter of 8.3 cm and a height of 38 cm, but it is also great for tall glasses.

    Moving boxes

    Use our practical moving boxes with automatic bottom to safely transport your glasses and all other belongings. Different sizes available.

    Conclusion: Packaging jars brings sustainable happiness

    "Broken glass brings luck," they say. But when you move, you don't want to conjure up your luck with your precious crystal. You'd much rather have glasses and crockery safely packed so that everything survives the move without breakage or scratches.

    Pay attention to careful packaging methods and high-quality upholstery materials. This will ensure that your glasses arrive at their destination intact and that you can enjoy the beginning of a new chapter without unnecessary worries.

    Want more? With Model, you can rely on sustainable products to protect your lenses. It doesn't always have to be bubble wrap. From moving boxes to wrapping paper and SizzlePaks, we offer you products made from recycled paper. 


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