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    Bottle carriers – stylish solutions for your bottles

    Looking for bottle carriers? Discover a wide range of options from beer carriers to bottle baskets and find out what makes our products special.

    The Great Bottle Carrier Guide

    Do you need bottle carriers for a specific number of bottles or for a specific occasion? Or are you simply looking for inspiration? Then we invite you to browse:

    Bottle carriers by number
    Beer carrier
    Bottle basket
    Wooden bottle carrier

    Would you like to know more? We have compiled all the relevant facts such as materials, sizes or the durability of bottle carriers for you:

    FAQ about bottle carriers
    Sustainable cardboard bottle carriers

    Bottle carriers by number

    Bottle carriers usually offer space for six bottles, but this does not meet everyone's needs. Explore our flexible standard options. Your desired number is not listed? Ask us about tailor-made solutions.

    Bottle carrier for 1 bottle

    If you want a bottle carrier for a single bottle, you are usually looking for gift packaging. How about this sturdy and elegant tote bag?

    Bottle carrier for 3 bottles

    For three bottles, we offer, among other things, this carrier bag, which convinces with its simple elegance. A viewing window puts your labels in the right light.

    Bottle carrier for 4 bottles

    This bottle carrier looks like a small suitcase and is therefore a special eye-catcher. The generous viewing window shows your labels at a glance.

    Bottle carrier for 6 bottles

    The six-pack – the classic among bottle carriers. Robust, sustainably produced and individually printable, it is still something very special.

    Bottle carrier for 12 bottles

    You may not want to carry twelve bottles in one hand, but rather transport them over long distances. Our shipping box with bottle insert is the perfect solution here.

    Bottle carrier for 24 bottles

    We also have the right product for 24 bottles – a professional compartment for your transport box. You can also find suitable boxes in our online shop.

    Beer carrier

    The beer carrier is probably the most common form of bottle carrier – but it doesn't always have to be the six-pack. Explore different sizes and individual options.

    Classic beer carrier

    This classic among beer carriers offers space for six bottles. The simple design and the 100% sustainable material still give this variant a special touch.

    Beer carrier XS

    Classic shape, fewer bottles. This beer carrier offers space for four bottles and still presents your products in a classic style.

    Beer carrier individual

    Do you want an unusual beer carrier? This individually printable cardboard offers plenty of space for creative design possibilities.

    Beer carrier as a gift

    It doesn't always have to be socks. Give away what men really want with this handbag for men.

    Bottle baskets

    If the bottles are to be part of a gift, gift baskets in different sizes are a good choice.

    Bottle basket S

    This gift basket measures 200x150x100 mm. This means that it offers space for a bottle, supplemented by small nibbles.

    Bottle basket M

    With dimensions of 300x200x150 mm, you can easily place two bottles in this simple gift basket.

    Bottle basket L

    Are you planning a richer package? Then this gift basket with 350x250x150 mm is the right choice.

    Wooden bottle carrier

    Do your bottles contain exquisite wines such as wine, sparkling wine or spirits? Then put your products in the limelight with elegant wooden boxes.

    Wooden box for 1 bottle

    This wooden box is perfect for a 0.75 liter bottle. The practical hinged lid allows this wooden bottle carrier to be opened without frustration.

    Wooden box for 2 bottles

    Use this beautiful crate as a wooden bottle carrier for two bottles. A metal closure adds a classy touch to the minimalist design.

    Wooden box for 3 bottles

    With enough space for three bottles, this wooden bottle carrier becomes a real treasure chest - ideal prerequisite for gift packaging.

    Frequently asked questions about bottle carriers

    A bottle carrier in the true sense of the word is packaging made of plastic, wood or cardboard that offers compartments for several bottles and can be carried comfortably with one hand by means of a handle. In a broader sense, all packaging specially designed for bottles can be understood as bottle carriers – including our shipping boxes with an extra insert for bottles.

    Bottle carriers are mainly used to safely transport bottles of beverages such as soft drinks, beer, wine or other liquids. They are convenient for picnics, barbecues, trips to the beach or for transporting drinks from one place to another. Unusual bottle carriers are also suitable as gift packaging.

    Bottle carriers can basically be made of various materials, including cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, and even fabric. The choice of material depends on the intended use and the personal taste of the user. However, corrugated cardboard and plastic are most commonly used. We rely on sustainably and cost-effectively produced bottle carriers made of corrugated cardboard.

    The number of bottles a bottle carrier can hold varies depending on the design and size of the carrier. Some bottle carriers are designed for two bottles, while others can accommodate three, six, or more bottles.

    Bottle carriers are usually designed specifically for specific bottle sizes or shapes . For example, there are dedicated bottle carriers for beer bottles or wine bottles. When buying a bottle carrier, it is essential to pay attention to the size of bottle for which the respective bottle carrier is designed.

    We use robust corrugated cardboard for our bottle carriers, which can be used several times if handled appropriately. However, if the bottle carriers are to be used as often as desired, we recommend our wooden bottle carriers.

    We can customise our bottle carriers according to your specifications – with a custom design, your logo or even a completely tailor-made product for your bottles. Contact Contact us.

    In our online shop, you can buy bottle carriers directly from the manufacturer. This gives you a wide range of options to choose from. On request, we will be happy to grant you attractive volume discounts.

    Sustainable cardboard bottle carriers

    Do you use plastic solutions for your bottle packaging? Or does your packaging cover a long distance? Then reduce your CO2 footprint now with our sustainable bottle carriers made of corrugated cardboard, which we produce in our factory in Switzerland.

    Most of our bottle carriers are made of 100% sustainable corrugated cardboard and are therefore part of our closed paper cycle. This means that we use recycled paper in production and use it to produce recyclable packaging as well. Join us and support the zero-waste idea.


    Do you have any questions?

    Would you like to know more about our bottle carriers or would you like individual advice and tailor-made solutions? We look forward to your inquiry.