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    Packaging bottles: How to make your bottle an eye-catcher

    Packaging bottles is not only a practical necessity, but an art that can turn your bottle into a real eye-catcher. Discover individual DIY ideas and unusual purchase options.

    Packing bottles: The all-round guide

    Learn how to make your bottle packaging the focal point of every event. From homemade creations to innovative purchase options and sustainable packaging solutions, we have prepared an exciting selection for you.

    Do you not only want to stylishly stage your bottles, but also want to pack them in a guaranteed shatterproof way? Then read our packaging professionals' answers to frequently asked questions.

    5 DIY Ideas to Gift Wrap Bottles

    Wrapping Paper Trays

    A paper fan is an elegant and stylish way to pack a bottle. Fold a fan to your liking from wrapping paper, tissue paper, newspaper or wrapping paper. Add a ribbon or string to close the fan and attach it to the bottle.

    Wrapping Paper Flowers

    To lovingly wrap a bottle and decorate it with a touch of nature, follow these simple steps: Simply wrap it carefully in wrapping paper, tie it with a pretty bow and attach fresh flowers to it. The wrapping paper adds rustic charm, while the flowers add a touch of freshness and elegance.

    2-in-1 gift

    An original gift needs an equally original packaging. To wrap a bottle of socks as a 2-in-1 gift, simply pull the socks over the bottle and decorate them with a pretty bow. A practical and creative gift is guaranteed!

    Another 2-in-1 gift

    An original gift brings joy. To creatively wrap a bottle, fold the kitchen towel diagonally and place the bottle in the middle. Wrap the bottle and tie the corners together with a bow at the top. Voilà, a practical and decorative gift!

    Upcycling with newsprint

    Use old newspapers as original gift wrapping for bottles. Cut out interesting articles or pictures and stick them on the newsprint. Wrap the bottle and fix the paper with a string or colored ribbon.

    Cardboard – the sustainable bottle packaging

    Packaging bottles sustainably can be easy – with cardboard packaging. Corrugated cardboard is a renewable raw material that can be easily recycled, making it the ideal material for sustainable packaging. You don't have to miss out on a luxurious touch. Explore how cardboard can be an eco-friendly and stylish packaging at the same time.

    Just the way you like it

    Beer packaging

    Make your beer packaging special! With our beer packaging, you have unique customization options at your disposal.

    Exclusive elegance

    Wine packaging

    With elegant wine packaging, you can also give your wine an exclusive touch for special occasions.

    Full of anticipation

    Bottles Gift Wrapping

    Tasteful gift packaging for bottles increases the anticipation of the contents. Explore special designs.

    FAQ – Packing bottles correctly

    The right packaging protects bottles from external influences such as light, air and vibrations, which could affect the quality of the contents.

    There are several options for packaging bottles that are characterized by stability and impact resistance – including cardboard, plastic, and wood. The choice of the appropriate material depends mainly on the weight of the bottles, the budget and the desired level of protection.

    Since cardboard is a particularly sustainable and cost-effective material , we generally recommend outer packaging made of corrugated cardboard. In addition, packaging chips or special inserts made of cardboard are a sustainable alternative to polystyrene and bubble wrap as padding material.

    To pack bottles safely, it is crucial to use stable and impact-resistant packaging . A good choice for this is, for example, corrugated cardboard. Consider the size of the packaging so that the bottles don't fit too tightly. A sufficiently large cardboard box allows the bottles to be positioned stably.

    To provide additional protection, the bottles should be carefully wrapped with padding material or fixed with special inserts . Also make sure that the packaging is securely sealed with adhesive tape. To alert transporters to the fragility of the contents, clearly mark the packaging as fragile. 

    There are no legal requirements for private individuals who want to wrap bottles as gifts.

    Companies that want to pack their bottles for transport, on the other hand, must take into account the Food Act (LMBG), the Packaging Act (VerpackG) and individual transport regulations. In addition, companies that pack goods must have a LUCID number .

    Today, technological possibilities allow for a high degree of personalization. This also applies to packaging. For example, companies personalize bottle packaging with logos or images to promote brand loyalty. In addition, intelligent technologies are leading to greater automation and efficiency in the packaging of bottles.

    Conclusion: Creative, sustainable and safe packaging of bottles

    Packaging bottles is not only a question of safety – it is also an expression of creativity and a statement for sustainability. Which of these components predominates depends on your personal requirements and the purpose of the bottle packaging.

    If you want to wrap your bottle as a gift, the originality of the gift packaging is paramount. The aim is to arouse emotions through extraordinary designs. If the bottles have to be transported or shipped over long distances, safety is the most important factor. After all, the bottles should reach their destination undamaged.

    Discover our wide range of options, ranging from stylish gift wrapping to secure transport solutions. Find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics in our online store.




    Packaging Bottles & Beyond

    Do you want to pack more than just individual bottles? Whether bottles or other products, we will be happy to advise you on individual business solutions.

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