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    Shipping Carpet – Tips for Cheap Shipping

    Do you want to send a carpet? Here you will find all the tips and tricks to ensure that your carpet arrives at its destination undamaged.
    Happy young couple wrapping carpet in room on moving day

    How do I ship my carpet efficiently?

    Shipping carpets comes with its own set of challenges. Above all, the size and nature of carpets require special know-how to ensure efficient packaging and safe transport.

    Get to know different shipping options , follow our step-by-step guide to packing carpets and discover practical packaging materials for shipping carpets – with attractive volume discounts and special conditions for online shops and logistics companies.

    How much does it cost to ship a rug?

    In principle, carpets can be shipped from as little as 6.99 EUR, but prices beyond 60 EUR can also be realistic. The actual shipping costs depend on the size and condition of the carpet

    What shipping methods are available?

    Carpets can be shipped by parcel service provider or by freight forwarder . As a rule, shipping by parcel service provider is much cheaper. To do this, however, the packaging of the carpet must meet strict specifications, so that the carpet may be suitable for use. must be bent.

    When is a carpet considered a package?

    Depending on the parcel service provider and dimensions, a carpet can be considered a regular package. At DHL, the carpet must fit into a rectangular package with maximum dimensions of 120 x 60 x 60 cm . To do this, it is usually necessary to bend the carpet roll.

    If the package does not exceed the 5 kg limit, a shipping price of only 6.99 EUR applies. In principle, the package may weigh up to 31.5 kg . Then a price of 19.99 EUR applies.

    When is a carpet bulky goods?

    The maximum weight for packages is usually not a problem with carpets. The dimensions, on the other hand, do. Above all, very high-quality carpets must not be bent so as not to stress the material of the carpet unnecessarily. Then shipping as bulky goods is a good idea.

    When is carpet shipped by pallet?

    Transport on pallets is particularly relevant when shipping many carpets or for large rolls of carpet that are laid by the metre. In such cases, both the weight and the dimensions speak in favor of transporting the carpets on pallets.

    Packaging material for carpets

    Package packaging for carpets

    Ideal for shipping carpets as a package – our pallet box with dimensions of 78.5 x 58.5 x 57.8 cm. Ask us for volume discount.



    Versatile pallet accessories

    Browse through our industrial packaging for the right accessories for shipping your carpet by freight forwarder on pallet.


    Upholstery & Fixation

    From stretch film to tape, you'll find everything you need to cushion and fix your carpet to ensure safe shipping.

    Packing Large Items

    Would you like to ship more items with bulky dimensions? Read our tips and tricks for packing large items.

    Carpet packaging in 4 steps

    1. Roll carpet

    Carefully roll up the rug to avoid unsightly creases or creases and make sure it fits in the shipping box. Avoid rolling up too tightly to avoid damaging the carpet.

    2. Fix the carpet

    Use tape or string to securely hold the rolled carpet in place and prepare it for protective outer packaging. Again, make sure that the fixation is not too tight so as not to damage the carpet.

    3. Protect the carpet

    To protect the carpet from damage and moisture, use bubble wrap or stretch film. These protective layers also serve as padding or for fixation during transport.

    4. Select shipping box

    Make sure the shipping box is sturdy enough to support the weight of the carpet. If you are shipping the carpet by parcel service provider, use a shipping box that does not exceed the maximum dimensions of the respective delivery service. Alternatively, continuous corrugated cardboard can be shipped by freight forwarder.

    FAQ: Shipping carpets

    There are various shipping companies that offer carpet shipping, including well-known service providers such as DHL, GLS, UPS, FedEx, as well as specialized freight forwarding companies and furniture shippers.

    It is important to pack the carpet carefully to avoid damage during transport. Roll the carpet and use stretch film to protect the carpet from moisture in the package. As an alternative to the cardboard box, endless corrugated cardboard is available to flexibly pack the carpet for shipping by freight forwarder.

    Carpet shipping time varies depending on the carrier, shipping method, and destination. Generally, a carpet can be shipped nationally within a few business days , while international shipments can take several weeks.

    When shipping a carpet internationally, you must comply with the customs regulations of the recipient country . Make sure you fill out all the necessary customs documents and declare the value of the carpet correctly to avoid any delays or problems with customs clearance.

    In the event of damage to the carpet upon receipt, you should immediately inform the shipping service provider and document the damage. Take photos of the packaging and damaged carpet and contact the shipping company to arrange a claim settlement.

    Shipping carpets professionally – it's that easy

    In order for carpets to arrive safely at their destination, they must be packed appropriately. Depending on the value, material and size of the carpet, different measures and packaging materials are necessary.

    We would be happy to advise you in detail on suitable packaging solutions for shipping your carpets. We can offer attractive conditions, especially for bulk buyers such as online shops or logistics companies. Contact us now.


    Individual packaging solutions

    Underline your professional work with packaging that is individually tailored to your company. Contact us now for a no-obligation initial consultation.

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