Make your product 100% sustainable with our secondary packaging

A story about the powerful role of sustainable packaging in our food purchasing choices.

How does the eco-balance of food packaging affect our purchasing decisions? And what consequences do our choices have for the food industry? We invite you on a journey in the world of sustainable food packaging, including an inspiring solution for safe and sustainable transport.


Changing food and packaging choices

The following situation might be familiar to many of us: While paying your weekly visit to the local supermarket, you have to choose between the slightly more expensive orange juice that is delivered in a reusable glass bottle and the slightly cheaper orange juice which is filled in a less sustainable packaging option. Despite the higher price, the glass option is the one that ends up in your shopping basket.


Reading through the results of recent consumer surveys, this example might represent very well the current attitude of many consumers today towards food packaging materials: Driven by our society’s growing awareness of climate change and its effects, many of us turn increasingly to sustainable food packaging options such as glass, cardboard, and paper in the supermarket.

Exactly this attitude towards packaging materials dominated the results of the online survey on sustainable packaging, conducted by the global consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners in 2021. In this representative survey, roughly 75% of the 1001 respondents stated that sustainable packaging was of high value to them. Moreover, a striking proportion of 83% indicated being willing to pay up to 6.5% more for sustainable packaging. These results demonstrate the high value that today's consumers attach to sustainable packaging.

Raw material processing for sustainable packaging

Recovered paper in pulper

Glass packaging: A challenge in transportation

The changing consumer behavior is one of the reasons why food manufacturers also focus increasingly on sustainable packaging materials. Especially glass is among the front runners when it comes to direct food contact.

However, it needs to be noted that not every glass packaging is sustainable, as the eco-balance for glass packaging depends on certain criteria. On this matter, the German Consumer Advice Center North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) writes on their website: «Although disposable glass can be returned to the melting process as often as desired, the energy consumption is very high when it is melted down. Therefore, single-use glass does not have a good eco-balance. »  This underlines the importance of reusable glass. 

On their website, the German Consumer Advice Center (NRW) also points out the challenges for food manufacturers that come along to use glass multiple times to achieve a positive eco-balance: The safe transport of glass can be challenging, as filled jars are often not only heavy but also very fragile.

Our solution for a safe and sustainable glass transport

How can we at Model make sure, that your heavy glass goods are transported safely and sustainably? In the following, we present you with one of our inspiring packaging solutions created by our innovation center.

Sustainable packaging

We only used recyclable materials.

Did you notice, that many shipping boxes for single glasses require auxiliary means such as bubble wrap? Our packaging solution does not need such additional protective measures, which are often made of plastic.


Our design makes the difference

Safe transport

Our packaging pioneers developed a sustainable solution based on robust cardboard made of recyclable materials and a sophisticated design. Using an integrated fixation at the bottom and lid flap, the glass is held centrally, with clearance to all four sides, as well as the bottom and lid. This special design ensures that the glass is securely anchored and can withstand all shipping conditions. 




Our packaging solutions give an example of how we at Model think about sustainable packaging:

Sophisticated design combined with recycled materials. 

Are you interested in shipping your food packaging safely and sustainably?

We look forward to developing a special solution with you.

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