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    Model Young Package 2022 Winner

    Food packaging as a challenge. The biggest international packaging design competition presents the results.

    Food packaging

    People deal with them several times a day and their malfunction can be really bothersome. Speaking about food packages which were this year’s topic of international packaging competition Model Young Package. Creative designs of dumplings and spa wafers packaging appeared among the competition of 284 works from all over the world. Designers proved that innovative and sustainable packaging solutions can increase the experience of consumption and respect nature at the same time.

    Is it possible to design a packaging which will make food an even greater experience? This was a challenge of the 26th year of the biggest international packaging design competition for designers and high school students announced by Model Group.

    The packaging does not only serve its protective purpose. It provides the information about the content, can elevate it to the level of a gift and thus affect the emotions. Just like the food itself, packaging must meet strict requirements in terms of quality, eco-friendliness, and utility.

    In total there were 284 works submitted from 18 countries from Australia to Chile. The renowned jury evaluated the model prototypes in two categories - High School and Unlimited. The jury was composed of renowned designers Jan Činčera and Jiří Pelcl, Joen Svensson who is the Packaging Material Manager at The LEGO Group, or Juliana Fischerová who is a journalist, writer and baker known as Maškrtnica.

    Among the award-winning designs, there are imaginative solutions that could easily be applied in practice and clearly stand out from the store shelves with their graphic design.

    High School Category

    1st Place – 饺子 Jiaozi

    Even the moment of taking the food from a restaurant can represent a great experience. Young designer Lea Romanowská from the Czech Republic embodied the experience into the luxury take-away box for the Chinese dumplings called jiaozi. Up to 8 dumplings can fit inside, surrounding the space for a sauce. Depending on the type of dumplings, it is possible to insert different paper into the package, thus personalizing the package. On the outside, the box looks very elegant, minimalistic and thanks to the cut-out which replaces the print, it offers an opportunity for unique branding and individualization. In addition, according to the expert jury, it is structurally perfectly developed.

    2nd Place – Calorie Cookie Package

    Korean designer Yoonsuh Lee noticed that people often eat the whole package of cookies and then feel guilty. Therefore, she created a package divided into three parts, each of which represents a certain amount of cookie and thus also the calories eaten. The model looks very subtle, clean and simple. Next to the cookies, the idea could be used for other food products. Thanks to the use of only one material, the packaging is also sustainable.

    3rd Place – Eggs with a Story

    The aim of the package from Kareřina Hovorková from the Czech Republic is to get people closer to nature, to motivate them to think about the life conditions of chickens and to buy eggs from free breeding or beddings. At first glance, thanks to the material and design, it is clear that the content of the box is not any industrial product but it is the work of a living creature and a gift of nature. The egg packaging caught the jury's attention with its distinctive monochromatic graphic design. Well made linocut technique reminds the user of the farmer's environment and creates the urge to open the box (by opening the wings of the chicken) to discover what is inside - farm eggs.


    This package was also awarded the Model Group Innovation Centre Award.

    Unlimited Category

    1st Place – Spa Wafers Package

    The spa wafers are a delicacy with a long tradition and their package has not changed much over the years. Klára Kiesewetterová from the Czech Republic decided to modernize it and created a box that can be opened to two halves which can be used as a holder for wafers and can also be closed again afterwards. The unconventional hexagonal shape and attractive graphic design make sure that the package would stand out in stores. It also has a unique form and well thought out construction which would work great as a product protection.

    2nd Place – Cat Cookies

    Packaging for pet cookies does not generally get much attention but Chiara Helységová from Slovakia created a set of 3 cat cookies packages which would surely catch the attention on store shelves. The graphic captures the cat's playfulness and corresponds to the shape of packaging. The simple, unique and mature design represents a complete well thought out solution from construction to graphics.

    3rd Place – No Shame!

    Most of the candy packages on the market are designed for children but the ones from designer Andrea Kováčová from Slovakia will attract adults who have a sweet tooth as well. As a material, the author chose transparent paper, which replaces the most commonly used plastic in the segment. It looks attractive and at the same time provides a space for simple and effective graphic design showing all the product information. The color of the candy creates slightly mysterious and exciting feelings of taste which can be fulfilled at the moment of opening and tasting the content.

    Special Awards

    Model Group Innovation Centre Award – un_pack_up

    Agnieszka Jaskierska from Poland thought of the elderly when designing the package. She realized that many of them have a problem opening packages with dry food, because it often spills out. The movable parts of the package enable measuring the portion size and the hole for pouring the content can be opened and closed repeatedly. A great advantage of this rice package is also the combination of opaque and transparent parts which enables one to see the amount of the product inside. A plus is the sustainable and 100% recyclable package made from a single material.

    Chairman of the Jury’s Award – Toothpicks

    The paper packaging for toothpicks by Tereza Cvrčková from the Czech Republic enables their simple and at the same time hygienic usage. The box is opened by touching the middle part of the toothpicks so the user does not need to touch the tip of the toothpick which is inserted into the mouth. The tips are also protected of dust and any other dirt. This design proves how simply and purposefully, cost-effectively and at the same time functionally, a toothpick packaging can be created.

    Czechdesign Award – Spaghetti Packaging

    Veronika Fejtová from the Czech Republic decided to solve the problem of measuring the portion size of spaghetti. She designed a package that uses a tube with a hole that determines the portion size instead of an impractical plastic package. A simple and attractive solution represents functional design with a great idea. The tube shape allows for easy storage and matches its minimalist graphic design. 

    The Competition Jury

    •  Jan Činčera (CZ), The Chairman of the Jury, leading packaging designer and Founder of Studio Činčera,
    • Jiří Pelcl (CZ), leading Czech designer and Founder of Atelier Pelcl,
    • Pavel Komůrka (CZ), Packaging Innovation & Sustainability Coordinator
      at Orkla Group,
    • Yücel Metin (CH), Head of Packaging Competence at Model Group,
    • Joen Svensson (DK), Packaging Material Manager at The LEGO Group,
    • Juliana Fischerová (SK), Baker and Journalist.

    About the Competition

    The international competition Model Young Package has two categories. Students of secondary and tertiary professional schools can register to the High School Category. The Unlimited Category is for university students and designers of any age. The Model Young Package competition could not have been founded by a more vocal company than Model Group. The company is one of Europe's largest paper packaging manufacturers and operates several Innovation Centres, where new designs are created by the hands of packaging designers. Thanks to the original initiative, the competition has been running since 1996. Since 2009 the competition has been organized by Czechdesign, an independent professional organization in close cooperation with Model Group. The next year 2023 will be dedicated to the theme of beverages. More information and complete rules can be found at the website young-package.com.

    A total of 7.300 EUR were prepared for the winners and for two of them a great opportunity in the form of a three-week honored internship at an Innovation Centre of Model Group.

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