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    Model Young Package Awards

    Hundreds of participants from more than 60 countries. Impressive creations made of paper and cardboard. An inspiring exchange about the packaging of the future.

    This is Model Young Package

    Several hundred young talents take part in the internationally renowned Model Young Package Awards every year. "Young" has nothing to do with age but means "new to the industry". Age doesn't matter – anyone can submit an extraordinary idea.

    The participants will show their insight into the packaging of the future. Often these awards are a springboard for further careers: Some winners today are famous designers at enterprises such as NASA, IKEA or Electrolux.

    Discover some of the impressive packaging ideas of recent years:

    All about Model Young Package


    Packaging Design Competition

    Model Young Package has been around since 1996. Today, our packaging design competition is the largest of its kind in the world and occupies a distinctive position among other competitions among aspiring designers thanks to its diverse categories and vibrant community.

    We present the awards in two categories:

    Category 1: School level

    Category 2: University and age independent


    From the idea to the prototype

    Model Young Package focuses on packaging made of paper, corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard and laminated packaging. All participants submit a prototype. It's not only about a good idea but also about working appropriately with the material: How does the construction work? How do paper and cardboard behave? The cultural perspectives are particularly exciting: The participants from different countries interpret packaging very differently.


    The Jury

    We are pleased to win well-known designers and editors of leading design magazines for the jury every year. In addition, experts from the circular economy assess the sustainability of the submitted prototypes. A special marketing jury questions the potential of packaging in e-commerce.

    The organizers

    Model Young Package is a competition of the Model Group. Organized by Model Obaly, the Czech company of the Model Group, in cooperation with CZECHDESIGN.

    Find out more

    The history of the Awards



    Model Group launches a new competition for young designers called Young Package.


    New concept

    Together with Model Group, czechdesign also divides the competition into two categories: School level and university level resp. designers.


    A new name and one of the highest numbers of participants

    The competition was renamed "Model Young Package", the prize for the winners was tripled and there were 948 en-registrations from 61 countries.


    25th anniversary of the competition

    8 winners, 1 presenter, 0 spectators - for the first time, the Prizes of the Model Young Package were awarded online to ensure the safety of the participants.


    New topic

    Pay attention to the announcement of a new theme with the Model Young Package on our website.


    More than 25 years of history


    Designers from all continents

    EUR 6 200

    Value of rewards in the last year


    The largest number of adopted works in one year

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