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    SBTi: Climate-neutral packaging

    On the way to CO₂-neutral packaging: With its commitment to the global Net-Zero Standard «Science Based Targets initiative» (SBTi), the Model Group sets clear targets for reducing emissions in its own value chain.

    Reducing CO₂ emissions – with science-based targets by 2030

    The Model Group sets itself clear emission reduction targets as part of the Science Based Targets initiative, SBTi for short. The cross-industry, global standard is based on the clearly below 2°C target of the Paris Agreement. It offers companies a scientifically sound framework for their climate goals.

    In 2020, Model joined the initiative and SBTi approved the company's CO₂ reduction targets in February 2022. Thus, the already existing sustainability goals of Model Group can be underlined even more strongly by further measures. The Model Group's climate targets follow the path towards net zero. They include the company's own operations as well as the upstream and downstream supply chains.

    Requirements of the Science Based Targets initiative

    The SBTi provides participating companies with the following areas for CO₂ reduction:

    • Scope 1: Reporting company, for example, emissions from operational plants, vehicles, processes

    • Scope 2: Indirect purchased energy, for example, emissions from purchased electricity, heating and cooling for personal use

    • Scope 3: Upstream & downstream activities, for example, emissions from the treatment of operational waste, purchased goods and services, outsourced transport

    Model Group Sustainability Team

    In order to consistently pursue the climate goals, the Model Group put together a transnational sustainability team. It develops a concrete SBTi Action Plan for all of the Group's plants in different countries. In the next step, the measures will be evaluated, included in the budget, and implemented from 2023.

    SBTi: Model Group's climate targets

    Direct & Indirect Emissions

    Scope 1 & 2

    Emission reduction from paper mills by 22.9% per tonne of paper produced by 2030, starting from the base year 2017.

    Direct & Indirect Emissions

    Scope 1 & 2

    Emission reduction from packaging activities by 32.5% by 2030, based on the base year 2017.

    Indirect emissions

    Scope 3

    Emission reduction of 26% per tonne of paper and board produced by 2030, starting from the base year of 2017.

    Download our SBTi certificate now.

    123 KB

    What is the SBTi?

    SBTi is an initiative of several independent organizations: the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute, and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The initiative supports companies and organizations worldwide in making their own economies low-carbon. SBTi is now the most commonly used standard to achieve net-zero emissions. In doing so, it is based on the latest climate science findings. 


    Why this standard?

    Model Group thinks SBTi makes sense because it starts from the amount of emissions that need to be reduced to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Unlike other standards, this standard goes far beyond transparency. Sven Erne-Bedford, Head of Energy and Environment at Model, explains: «Model Group is on its way to net zero. The scientific standard SBTi helps us with this.» The company is committed to goals based on findings from climate research. This creates advantages for Model customers and releases innovation potential internally.


    Benefits for Model customers

    Customers of Model Group already receive CO₂ lean packaging. With its commitment to SBTi, the company will show how to produce packaging in a CO₂-neutral manner. Model thus becomes the packaging manufacturer and supplier for all those who produce CO₂ lean products and want to make their supply chain just as low-carbon. Another plus point: End customers are increasingly asking about a manufacturer's clean supply chain before buying. Model customers have a clear advantage here.

    Sustainable qua DNA

    Paper cycle as a basis

    Model has already committed itself to low-carbon value creation when few people were still talking about it. This is shown, for example, by the two district heating pipelines from which the Swiss paper mills in Weinfelden and Niedergösgen have benefited for over 30 years. With SBTi, the group is now voluntarily committing itself to a recognized standard of CO₂ reduction. «Our existing circular economy helps us to implement the SBTi goals,» says Sven Erne-Bedford, Head of Energy and Environment. For decades, Model Group has relied on a closed paper cycle in the production of corrugated board and packaging through consistent recycling of paper and cardboard.

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