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    Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating

    On the way to CO₂-neutral packaging: The Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating for the first time.

    First B in the CDP rating for the Model Group

    Every year, the non-profit organization Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) evaluates companies with regard to CO2 emissions, climate risks, and reduction targets and strategies, and grades the companies from A to F. 

    For the first time, Model Group achieved a B in the CDP rating for Climate Change. This means that Model Group continues to consistently pursue the path to CO2-neutral packaging.

    Sven Erne-Bedford, Head of Energy and Environment at Model Group, explains: "The rating we have achieved shows that we are on the right track. At the same time, it highlights potential that we will continue to use as a guide."

    About CDP and the rating

    The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a non-profit organization with the aim of ensuring that companies publish their environmental data. Once a year, the CDP uses standardized questionnaires to collect data and information on companies' CO2 emissions, climate risks, and reduction targets and strategies. CDP manages what is now the world's largest database of its kind.

    Sustainability at Model Group

    As a family business, we have been addressing the challenges of the present and the future for several generations. Because we want our sustainable foundation to stay that way, continuous changes, improvements and adjustments are needed at the most impactful points: in product quality, resource efficiency, supply chain, occupational safety and our employees

    Model Group sets itself clear emission reduction targets under the Science Based Targets initiative, or SBTi. This cross-industry, global standard is aligned with the well below 2°C target of the Paris Agreement. We are committed to these targets. This creates benefits for Model customers and unlocks innovation potential internally. Therefore, Model Group has developed a concrete SBTi Action Plan for all Group plants and is implementing it consistently.

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