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    Food Is...

    Model Young Package 2022

    Winning Concepts

    In 2022 Model Young Package challenged the designers from all around the world to create the best packaging based on the theme Food Is… 

    Food is our elixir of life - a daily companion - whose delight is increased by the packaging. Food packaging worthy of the 21st century should elevate the food experience to a new level, but at the same time it must meet a high standard when it comes to sustainability and ecology.

    Can packaging elevate food into an even greater experience? How did the designers manage to complete this difficult task?

    Unlimited Category

    Concepts by university students and designers of any age.

    High School Category

    Concepts by students of secondary and tertiary schools from 15 years of age.

    Special Prizes

    Honorable awards for innovative or otherwise interesting prototypes.

    That's not all

    Winners' Archive

    Have you seen the other great concepts from MYP's history?

    Model Young Package