Model Appenzeller Blütencreme cosmetics packaging

Appenzeller Blütencreme cosmetic packaging

Unique and rich feel-good flower cream from the Appenzeller Land - packed in premium maple wood in a hand-turned "Buttertöpfli" (butter pot).

  • La!Crème GmbH - Gais, Appenzell (CH)
  • Rigid cardboard box with a glued in transparent window
  • High-quality packaging made of hand-crafted maple wood
  • Optimal presentation of the butter pot thanks to solid cardboard inlay

Crucible container made of hand-turned maple wood Thanks to its individual and inimitable grain, each "Buttertöpfli" is absolutely unique.

La!Crème GmbH, based in Gais in Appenzell, was launched on 10 October 2013. The product of the same name stands for a unique and rich feel-good cream. It delights self-confident men and women and keeps the promise of lasting facial care. For this extraordinary product, Model PrimePac AG developed the presentation packaging and Model AG a cardboard shipping box for six units.

  • Excellent as a gift idea for companies
  • All the ingredients come from the Appenzell region in Switzerland
  • Available from selected drugstores and pharmacies
  • Distribution and marketing from Appenzell to the whole of Europe

Mr Gmünder, how and when did the idea arise to develop a high-quality face cream consisting of natural essences?

The idea was born in December 2012, together with Dr med. Menno van Rooijen, dermatologist, over a glass of wine. The people from the Appenzell region stand for tradition, customs and nature. Very high quality and famous products like cheese, "Biberli" (gingerbread with almond filling), beer, liqueurs and "Mostbröckli" (a dried and smoked meat speciality), etc. are produced here. But one thing was still missing: A high-quality facial cream that does justice to the name Appenzell - because this name obliges. The jar consists of a "Buttertöpfli" ("butter pot") hand-turned from maple wood and is unique due to its individual and inimitable grain.

An artistic crucible for a high-quality product. What were your demands on Model's packaging solutions?

It was important to us to manufacture a premium product from Eastern Switzerland. All the " ingredients ", if I may say so, are from the region. Everything from the cream with over 20 flower essences to the printing and the butter pot is of the highest quality and excellence. It was therefore clear to us that the packaging must also reflect the demands placed on our product. Together with Model, we have therefore created a packaging that exactly meets these requirements. Our quality requirements were confirmed to the effect that the producer of our cream won the international "Beauty Oscar" in Hamburg this year and thus prevailed against worldwide competition.

How did you become aware of Model?

Our shareholder Martin Müller completed his studies together with a Model employee and was therefore well informed about the services of Model. It was hence clear to us that in terms of quality and reliability Model as a packaging manufacturer would fit into our concept.

What do you, as a start-up company, attach particular importance to when choosing your suppliers?

As a supplier of a smart-aging cream that embodies "Swissness" and nature, we work exclusively with top suppliers from the immediate region. Each of our La!Crème customers supports the production chain of the local economy by purchasing our brand. We do not see our vendors as "suppliers", but as partners with whom we are writing a joint success story.

So far La!Crème has several sales channels in German-speaking Switzerland, and your product is also available through an online shop. In which sales markets and through which channels will La!Crème be available in the future?

La!Crème will in future be available from selected drugstores and pharmacies as well as at wellness hotels throughout the country. Besides, we are planning a product line for export to Russia and Asia. The original in the wooden butter pot is also an excellent gift idea for companies and their selected customers. It doesn't always have to be wine.

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All the " ingredients ", if I may say so, are from the region. Everything from the cream with over 20 flower essences to the printing and the butter pot is of the highest quality and excellence.
Dominik Gmünder
Managing director La!Crème GmbH, Smart-Aging
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