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    Model Young Package 2023 Final Results

    Thirsty for packaging unveiled: Exploring the winners of the international beverage packaging design contest

    Thirsty for packaging

    With its international Model Young Package competition, Model Group promotes young talents and thus ensures innovation for the packaging industry. The winners of the international competition were honoured in Prague on 4 October 2023. For the first time in the event's history, there was also a design challenge, where the best designers created a tailored solution based on a brief from Clock Craft Brewery in the Czech Republic.

    Under the motto "Thirsty for Packaging", the Model Young Package competition looked for creative and innovative beverage packaging worldwide. In a two-stage process, pupils from the age of 15 as well as students and experienced designers could apply with their ideas. A total of more than 240 prototypes for creative beverage packaging were submitted from 29 countries.

    In the second closed round of the process, winners of the first round competed against experienced designers to solve a real design task of a beverage start-up.

    The endowed prizes worth a total of 31,000 euros went to the following projects:

    High School Category

    Students of secondary and tertiary schools from the age of 15

    1st Place: 3,000 EUR

    Sebastian Sikora – Jägermeister #SAVETHENIGHT

    Střední umělecká škola, Ostrava

    The design and look of the packaging has moved in the direction of impressing the customer with a minimalist/premium look and an unconventional opening. Jägermeister's Limited Edition #SAVETHENIGHT packaging, consisting of 3 parts (main structure, fixation, sleeve), acts as a display/gift carrier for a 0.7L bottle. The material used is 300 and 350g/m2 paper with decorative elements of gold and silver foil.

    2nd Place: 2,000 EUR

    Eduard Špička – Box Wine

    Vyšší odborná škola a Střední průmyslová škola, Šumperk

    Inspired by prestigious fragile wine boxes, which require additional packaging for transport. In this case, the Wine box allows for easy stacking of shelves and at the same time is easier to transport, unpack and ship.

    3rd Place: 1,000 EUR

    Sára Hejčíková – Tatra Tea

    Střední umělecká škola, Ostrava

    The packaging is made of coated cardboard, using silver partial varnish. The package consists of three parts- bottom, sleeve, insert. Magnets are embedded in the bottom and the insert, which strengthen the packaging when closing. The colors are black and silver based on the Tatra Tea bottle itself.

    Unlimited Category

    University students or designers without age restrictions

    1st Place: 5,000 EUR

    Se Hyeon Won, Namju Kim, Kyoungjin Lee, Hyeonjeong Lim – Fold up Pick up

    Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

    "Fold up Pick up" is a versatile package that adapts to different supply chain stages, offering a single solution for various needs. It starts as a standard box for distribution and storage, but by tearing off the side wings and folding them up, it transforms into an advertising banner. To make it even more convenient, customers can effortlessly carry it home using the central handle.

    2nd Place: 3,000 EUR

    Mariia Sokolova – Flat Juice Packaging


    Flat juice packs offer a distinctive drink packaging solution. Their A5 format fits conveniently in bags or backpacks alongside books and can be folded in half for smaller handbags. These packs feature a top paper layer and a sealed plastic interior, ensuring no spills during transport. After use, it's easy to separate and dispose of the paper and plastic layers in different bins.

    3rd Place: 2,000 EUR

    Olaf Stachurski – Geovine

    Akademia Sztuki w Szczecinie

    This packaging celebrates local wineries and their unique locations. Its pop-up opening offers convenient access to the bottle, while the slightly torn label adds an element of discovery. Made from eco-friendly materials, it enhances the wine experience and supports sustainability in the industry.

    Special Awards

    Outstanding work with special jury and Model recognition

    Model Group Innovation Centre Prize + Online Award

    Samuel Bratko – Le Tosque

    ŠUP Josefa Vydru

    Le TOSQUE embodies simplicity, versatility, and uniqueness. It's a prototype beverage package that defies conventional angular designs with its elegant curves, creating an optical illusion about its center of gravity. While primarily designed for ice wine, it's adaptable for various bottle types and materials, including different paper types and closures.

    Chairman of the Jury’s Award

    Katarína Davidová – Foltio

    Střední škola Strážnice

    Foltio addresses the issue of overfilled paper containers in waste sorting. By strategically compressing the cardboard, it minimizes wasted space. This brown recycled cardboard solution measures 7.5 cm × 7.5 cm × 33.75 cm, weighs 300 g/m2, and is designed for 0.5-liter alcohol glass bottles.

    Round 2 – briefing by Clock

    1st Place: 8,000 EUR

    Rolf Weilenmann – Fab Four

    "Fab Four" is a standout retail package designed for displaying Clock's exquisite cans. It's user-friendly, with easy assembly and closure, a built-in handle for portability when closed, a perforated back for easy can removal, and the option to add a shipping cover for extra protection.

    2nd Place: 4,000 EUR

    Philipp Hainke – Clock Pack C6x0,5

    The Clock pack C6x0.5 is a flat-pack, single-sheet design that holds six standard 0.5L cans. It boasts an auto-erect feature with dividers for efficient handling. The integrated handles provide flexibility – extend them for a display with take-away options or fold them flat for regular shipping or shop delivery, while maintaining their functionality.

    3rd place: 2,000 EUR

    Norman Drescher – Diamonds Inside – a jewel case

    This compact, protective box boasts an attractive design reminiscent of a faceted diamond cut. When opened, it reveals all the cans, making it easy to choose and enjoy.

    The Competition Jury

    •  Christian Zanzotti (DE), The Chairman of the Jury, owner at Studio Zanzotti,
    • Petr Kundrata (CZ), Project manager for innovations at Pilsner Urquell,
    • Yücel Metin (CH), Head of Packaging Competence at Model Group,
    • Christian Schiffers (DE), Managing Director at FFI,
    • Jörg Peissker (DE), Managing Director at Pabst & Richardz from Berentzen Group.

    Event gallery

    Around 120 guests including designers, clients, professional media, school representatives, family members and Model colleagues watched a programme that revolved around the theme of Thirsty for Packaging.

    The awards programme itself, which was presented by Czech moderator Anna Bangoura, was accompanied by a live exhibition of the best prototypes, great refreshments, including beer from Clock Brewery and, last but not least, a UV light show with a DJ afterparty.

    See pictures from the evening in the gallery.

    Photo by Kuba Zeman

    About the Competition

    Model Young Package has been an annual competition by the Model Group since 1996, bringing together hundreds of design talents, impressive creations made from sustainable materials, and an inspiring exchange of ideas about the packaging of the future.

    This year's theme, "Thirsty for Packaging", invites talents from around the world to showcase their original packaging prototypes for beverages and win attractive prizes. In the next stage of the competition, participants will be challenged to create packaging ready for production that meets the real-world requirements of a beverage industry customer. This new Model Young Package concept connects young design talents with industry professionals like never before.

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