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    Setting new standards for moving boxes: the work of Andreas Benninger

    With clever moving boxes and matching accessories, a move can be really fun. Get to know our colleague Andreas Benninger and his radically optimized range of removals.

    The specialist for innovations

    Andreas Benninger is celebrating his 20th anniversary at Model this year and knows exactly what makes good boxes and packaging.

    As Project Change Control Manager, he is a source of ideas and a driver of innovation. Every day, he works to put our motto "The Extra in the Ordinary" into practice.

    As a private person, he is very familiar with moving boxes :
    "The range of removals triggered me right away, because like most people, I have experienced several moves in my life and often took over the organisation directly."

    "The biggest challenge was to meet my own standards."

    Andreas Benninger

    The Challenge & "The Extra in the Ordinary"

    Andreas knows that the boxes used for a move are often diverse. From banana boxes to suitcases to badly aged moving boxes from the last move, everything is included. At the latest when packing the moving van, the colorful ensemble becomes a challenge.


    If there is anything left over, you have to find the right moving box and cut open the tape, only to close the box again with tape.


    From wearing comfort, stability and easy removability to reusability, there are many other challenges for which Andreas would like to offer solutions.

    For many of these requirements, there were already existing products on the market. A new feature is a removal range that solves all difficulties at once and can be combined with each other in a modular way.


    Andreas is pleased: "Finally, it is possible to buy sturdy moving boxes that fit together in terms of format, do not require adhesive tape, are easy to unfold, offer a high level of comfort and can be supplemented with suitable inserts.


    Even for jars, hanging files or folders, separate boxes are no longer needed. »

    "The range has already been used and rated as very good by consumers, which also makes me a little proud."

    Andreas Benninger

    The highlights at a glance

    • Extremely stable automatic bottom
    • Perfectly matched sizes, so that all cartons fit on the pallet without any protrusion
    • Double-grooved carrying handles for maximum carrying comfort
    • Resealable lid that works without tape
    • Extended adhesive flap for even more stability of the moving box

    Modular add-on products

    • Garment box with integrated cardboard clothes rail
    • Edge protection that can be attached with fixing points and removed without leaving any residue
    • Inserts for glasses etc. with 1, 2 or 4 layers
    • Special inserts for folders and hanging files
    • Plate liners

    "We recommend screening packaging at least every 5 years and checking for potential for optimisation."

    Andreas Benninger

    Perfection with potential

    Although Model's new range of removals is close to perfection, Andreas still sees a lot of potential. He knows from experience:


    "There is always room for optimisation in the details. We will continuously adapt the design to the new technologies and conditions without impairing the function.


    This is important, because the possibilities are constantly changing. This usually starts with the raw material waste paper and its processing, followed by the production of corrugated base paper and its further processing into corrugated cardboard.


    The machines used to produce the packaging are also constantly evolving. And last but not least, the requirements and demands of consumers can change at any time."

    Strong together thanks to teamwork

    Andreas is certain – without his colleagues, the new range of removals would not have been possible:

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for the good cooperation, which is the basis for the great result."

    From development and marketing to production and printing, all teams at Model work closely together to analyze customer needs and offer high-quality solutions with that little bit extra.

    Discover the passion that goes into our new moving boxes and the entire Model range.

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