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    Model supports US customer to enter European markets

    The sustainable fort for kids and enthusiasts.

    A toy evoking an all-in-one packaging solution

    Make-A-Fort is a young start-up from the USA with the goal of revolutionizing the market for children's toys. Almost all parts are made of corrugated cardboard, making the product highly recyclable.

    Cardboard forts or electronic devices for kids?

    We opt for creative cardboard crafts

    Putting the kit's components together with the included foam creates a versatile world of castles, fortresses, and caves for children. The sketched mythical creatures on the side are great for coloring or decorating. Not only the sustainable materials but also the durability make the product an interesting competitor for interactive media and thus screen-free time for children.

    Opportunities & challenges successfully combined

    The founders were quick to discover the potential of corrugated cardboard craftsmanship and started looking for a professional solution. After a two-year test phase, Make-A-Fort launched its explorer kit in the USA in 2020 followed by Canada.

    Determined and heavily motivated, undertakings across the big pond were envisaged, planned, and executed extraordinarily. Thanks to the vision of Make-A-Fort and Model's expertise challenges and almost impossible tasks were not an obstacle to stop the project.  

    Your vision, our expertise


    A close network with laboratories and suppliers enabled Model to create opportunities and solutions in collaboration with the Make-A-Fort team. Accordingly, challenges such as providing a type of corrugated cardboard that withstands large loads and features a high bursting factor were overcome.


    In less than two months, the first products were delivered successfully. Due to efficient coordination and wise decision-making processes, material shortages and production bottlenecks could be eliminated. 


    An equally important component was the Model Co-Packing service provided by the team in Niedergösgen (CH), where the individual parts of the set are assembled and packed. From there, Model delivers the finished goods to the European distribution centers with a perfect fit.

    Building bridges beyond borders

    In close coordination with the American team, Model handles production, assembly, and shipping to the distribution centers, precisely in line with customer demand.

    Especially the current and high-consumption fourth quarter of 2021 will be particularly exciting to ensure smooth operations. Indeed, Christmas is just around the corner and enthusiastic children will be eager to construct their own dream castles.

    Thanks to our own paper production with three paper machines in Switzerland and forward-looking planning, projects of this magnitude are possible at short notice. We are proud to build intercontinental bridges and proactively support companies with our packaging solutions as a partner for the European market.

    Let's develop your customized packaging solution.

    Are you ready?

    We look forward to hearing from you. 

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