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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    Recover – the Model recycling loop

    We pick up your cardboard and waste paper and transform it into new raw material.
    Model Group Schweiz

    Circular economy – recycling of cardboard and paper products

    In our plants, we dissolve thousands of tons of waste paper and cardboard every day and process it back into valuable paper. This again is the basis for high-quality packaging which we then refine individually to your needs.

    We are also happy to take care of the recycling of your cardboard boxes and paper products. For a detailed analysis, we come to you, examine your internal collection logistics and discuss all details such as quantities, cycle, form, pick-up method, opening hours and all other relevant requirements.

    We then create a reliable pick-up plan that fits seamlessly into your processes and provides all the necessary containers and the ideal infrastructure.

    From old to sustainable new

    Acceptance guaranteed

    Whether it's a holiday or a machine downtime – nothing prevents us from picking up and recycling your waste cardboard or paper. With us you have the guarantee that the cycle is physically and practically closed. 24/7 and without intermediaries.

    Infrastructure and containers

    Whether containers, semi-trailers or baling press– we have all the tools that improve your internal collection logistics.

    Keeping an eye on the environment

    In our fully integrated production, we pay attention to short transport routes, avoid empty runs and use modern trucks with low fuel consumption.

    Where sustainability is lived

    Disposal and recycling

    New quality made from old materials

    After picking up your waste paper and cardboard, we dissolve everything, add starch and thus control the quality and stability of the future raw material. The beginning of a new packaging cycle for your products.

    Recover and more

    A complete cycle of benefits

    As a packaging service provider, we can offer you a variety of services. From corrugated cardboard production to recycling – and every step in between. We design, test, produce, assemble, store, deliver and pick up again. Get to know us.

    Your waste is our most important raw material

    Model Group Sustainability

    Explore our sustainability strategy, vision and the pillars that support them.

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