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    News & Inspiration

    Let yourself be inspired: by stories from our company about young talents, well-known awards and extraordinary packaging.

    News & Inspiration

    Model Young Package 2024

    Model internship interview - Connecting design worlds

    The latest winner of the Innovation Center award, which specializes in automotive design, talks about his packaging design internship at Model.

    Model Young Package Interviews
    Model Young Package 2024

    MYP Interview: Sweet Packaging World with Yücel Metin

    Gain invaluable insights into what MYP judges are looking for, as Yücel Metin shares his perspective on this year's theme, «Sweets in the Box».
    Beverages Model Young Package
    Sustainability Campain

    Certificates to guarantee the quality

    Quality certificates guarantee the business partners to be trustworthy and their activities to be consistent with specific standards. We invite you to get to know more about the most important certificates, showcasing standards of Model Opakowania’s work in Poland.

    Success Stories
    Award Ceremony

    Model Young Package 2023 Final Results

    The 2023 winners for "Thirsty for Packaging" theme were recognized in Prague on October 4th, and this year featured a unique design challenge for Clock Craft Brewery.

    Model Young Package
    Model Young Package 2023

    Innovating Packaging: Insights from Pilsner Urquell's Petr Kundrata

    A preview of the evaluation of the packaging prototypes of the Model Young Package with an expert from the beer industry.
    Beverages Model Young Package
    DeinDeal x Model

    Endless cardboard for DeinDeal

    Endless cardboard for unlimited shopping experience - DeinDeal and Model demonstrate how well bargains and sustainability can be combined.
    E-commerce Success Stories
    Model Young Package 2023

    Crafting the future: Clock Brewery joins Model Young Package

    The journey to innovative packaging solutions and how to engage all the senses.

    Beverages Model Young Package
    Model Young Package 2023

    New challenge for MYP designers in Round 2

    For the first time in Model Young Package's history, we connect designers directly with a customer's briefing.

    Model Young Package
    Model Young Package Award 2023

    Peissker, the creative industry professional: Member of the Model Young Package Jury

    As the visionary CEO of Berentzen subsidiary Pabst & Richardz, Jörg Peissker is a key jury member for our award on beverage packaging this year. Get to know the exciting story behind the CEO and how he masters the balancing act between creativity and doability.
    Beverages Model Young Package
    Model Young Package Award

    Christian Zanzotti: Meeting the chairman of the Model Young Package 2023 jury

    As the Chairman of the Model Young Package Jury, Zanzotti brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to this renowned competition. Let's delve into his story and gain insight into his thoughts on packaging design and what he expects from the submissions.
    Beverages Model Young Package
    Online Award

    Online Award for Model Young Package 2023

    Become the 'Judge' in MYP Online Award

    Model Young Package
    Model Young Package Award 2023

    Successful jury meeting of the Model Young Package Award

    This year's jury session of the Model Young Package Awards was successfully concluded. Chaired by Christian Zanzotti, founder of Zanzotti Industrial Design, over 120 packaging concepts were evaluated.
    Model Young Package
    Automatic packing

    E-Commerce: Optimization in the Packaging Process

    Online retail benefits from automatic packaging processes. Our colleague Stephan Hägele explains why – and reveals e-commerce trends.

    E-commerce Interviews

    Model Young Package 2022 Winner

    Food packaging as a challenge. The biggest international packaging design competition presents the results.

    Model Young Package

    Model Young Package 2022 Ceremony Invitation

    Come and inspire yourself with world design and meet young talented designers and their works!

    Model Young Package
    Shipping food

    Cheezy refrigerated shipping packaging

    Order Swiss cheeses online and receive them in the best quality at home: The start-up Cheezy relies on the innovative Thermo shipping packaging from Model.

    Food E-commerce Product Innovation Success Stories
    Shipping display

    Display Minutenbrot

    Together with the German start-up company Dulanda, we developed a shipping display that attracts attention at the point of sale. 

    Food Success Stories
    Packaging Talents

    Jury Session of the Model Young Package 2022 Competition

    Model Young Package jurors chose the best packaging prototypes for this year's topic «Food Is…»

    Model Young Package
    Take-away packaging

    Mimisan Sushi Box

    A high-quality take-away packaging for the finest sushi – developed remotely thanks to 3D technology and digital collaboration.

    Food Product Innovation
    Model Recover

    Paper Recycling with V-ZUG

    Sustainably successful: V-ZUG shows how efficient and ecological recycling can be.

    Success Stories Household
    Food Packaging Choices

    Sustainable Shipping Packaging

    We invite you on a journey in the world of sustainable food packaging, including an inspiring solution for its safe and sustainable transport.

    E-commerce Success Stories Logistics and Transport
    Trending Markets

    Trezor Crypto Wallet

    Smooth and safe unboxing experience for crypto enthusiasts.
    Consumer Goods E-commerce Success Stories
    Kägi - Swiss Chocolate Waffles

    Shelf-Ready Packaging without compromises

    When the popular mini-Kägis from Switzerland travel across the Atlantic.

    Food Success Stories
    FOOD IS...

    Model Young Package 2022 Announcement

    The Model Young Package design competition is back and sharpens senses with the theme of FOOD
    Model Young Package
    Chasing the extraordinary in everyday life

    Packaging pioneers behind the scenes

    Our colleague Michael Schulz tells us about his unusual hobby, cycle ball.

    Let us inspire you

    Various Faces of Cardboard

    Meet our new packaging now.

    Product Innovation
    Small Gifts with a Big Impact

    It‘s a Kind of Magic!

    This Advent season, we are making children's eyes shine with our handicraft kits.  

    Success Stories
    E-commerce Design

    Miso Packaging

    Prepare a great soup with new packaging.

    Food Product Innovation
    German Design Award 2022

    Edgy Box

    Packaging development at the highest level.

    Product Innovation
    Packaging and Inspiration in One

    ART of PACKAGING 2021

    A gadget not only presenting solutions for the e-commerce industry.

    Beverages Product Innovation
    Collaboration, Efficiency, Services


    The sustainable fort for kids and enthusiasts. 

    Consumer Goods Success Stories
    OBAL ROKU Award

    Packaging of the Year

    A packaging innovation that puts sharing first.

    Beverages Product Innovation
    A New Appearance

    The Brand Metamorphose

    From straight lines to round harmonic relations.

    Success Stories
    Behind the Scenes

    Interview mit Jose

    Insights from a hero at Model.

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    Do you have any questions?

    We are here for you

    You can reach us via e-mail, via the contact form or personally on the phone.

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