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    Winning the 28th edition of OBAL ROKU packaging award

    A packaging innovation that puts sharing first.

    Model wins the Packaging of the Year award

    The Jägermeister doublebox, designed and manufactured by Model, is one of 59 products to win the Packaging of the Year award of 2021. A victory in series - as our herbal liqueur packaging already won the award last year in the form of a limited edition.

    The idea for this year's winning packaging, a separable two-bottle duo-pack, was elaborated in autumn 2020. The superior goal was about developing a design that creates standardized, refined packaging with added value. Resulting in a duo-pack connected by a simple sleeve. In order to make 2 out of 1 - basically, the duo-pack has to be separated in the middle. In this way, both boxes can be used as gift packaging with an identical appearance.

    People & Technology

    The author of the design, Jaromír Binar, whose development was carried out in cooperation with the Innovation Centre, is one of our colleagues from the product development - CAD in Opava. The graphic design on the other hand was designed by the customer.


    The machines of HKS in Opava were selected for production and the five-color printing was complemented by the matt and gloss effect of UV drip-off technology. Also worth mentioning is that the packaging required special gluing. Finally, the shipping cartons for the duo-packs were produced by colleagues at the Nymburk plant.

    International Competition

    Packaging of the Year is the only certified competition in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Designed for companies involved in interesting packaging solutions. The aim of the competition is to highlight and subsequently promote the best ideas, innovations, and technologies in the fields of packaging that appear on the market. An equally important aspect is the visibility of packaging engineers or designers. A platform that is available for newcomers and experts. 

    A Sharing Trend

    With this award-winning packaging, which resulted from the collaboration between the Jägermeister brand and Model, a trend of sharing could be continued.

    Only recently, Model constructed an e-commerce packaging for socks out of corrugated cardboard with the specific aim of sharing. One pair of socks or half of the box might be kept for oneself and the other one can be forwarded - to please a friend and spread joy.


    This is made possible thanks to the technology of perforation to split the packaging and SKV to reseal it. 

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