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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    Transport and export packaging

    From shipping boxes to dangerous goods packaging – order packaging solutions from us, precisely adapted to your logistics.

    Transport packaging – prepared for everything and easy to handle

    Of course, you can get classic pallet boxes from us. But how about packaging that is optimally tailored to your logistics? Packaging that takes into account the requirements of your end customers. We advise you along the entire shipping route.

    Packing, palletizing, loading, overseas transport, unloading, unpacking. To ensure that your products and dangerous goods are safe, we develop prototypes of your packaging and carry out shipping tests. Of course, we calculate the optimal packaging size, packing scheme and filling of the packing units for you.

    Send us your request for transport, export or dangerous goods packaging.

    Your goods transported safely

    Transport packaging

    What's inside needs to be protected. We develop particularly durable shipping packaging and test it – even before the official certifications – with stress and drop tests in our own laboratory. We take special requirements into account, such as wet-resistant bonding for overseas transport, anti-rust coatings for the transport of metal parts or antistatic coatings and packaging for electronic products.

    Dangerous goods packaging

    Dangerous goods packaging must not only protect its contents. In the event of an accident, no one must be harmed by escaping substances or flying parts. We take into account all legislation for the packaging of dangerous goods. They're marked accordingly so that they are clearly visible according to UN criteria.

    Export packaging

    Export packaging is subject to strict requirements in some countries. Therefore, the properties of corrugated board and packaging must be precisely coordinated in advance. Of course, we calculate this for you before we develop your export packaging. For us everyday life, for you one less worry.

    How we work

    Carefully thought out

    Packaging for your requirements

    We analyse your requirements for transport packaging in detail in advance. In this way, we design the optimal packaging for your needs from corrugated cardboard – which can withstand all transport conditions and is easy to handle. Would you like to optimize your packaging standards, for example when it comes to loading or stacking schemes? Are you wondering whether your current packaging is oversized? We advise you in the short term, you save in the long term.

    Exact cuts

    Packaging for automatic processes

    You can be sure that packaging that you order from Model is precisely tailored to your automatic processes. Machines have little tolerance, even the smallest deviations can paralyze an entire production line. Our developers work precisely and get everyone involved on board right from the start. We carry out test runs on your packaging machines at an early stage and accompany you during commissioning, production ramp-up, make adjustments and optimisations.

    Quality assurance

    Audits for high standards

    ISO audits, certifications and other external audits are carried out annually at Model. In addition, we ensure high standards with our internal Model lean system MLS and ensure through internal knowledge transfer that valuable know-how reaches all plants across the group.

    Our services for your transport packaging

    Packaging development

    Model Design

    Our specialists develop individual packaging solutions and concepts for you.

    Consulting Service

    Model Consulting

    Our consulting service is available to you at any time. Included: Our holistic view of your packaging processes.

    Plan. Shop. Deliver.

    Model Logistics

    From production to the happy customer. We also know the steps in between and do them with you.

    Our packaging is

    Economical and ecological

    Thanks to intensive exchange with our customers, we develop transport packaging that can withstand all loads and is not oversized. Transport damage can be reduced accordingly and pallet loads can be optimized. At Model, you also get shelf-ready packaging for your resource and process optimization. We manufacture your packaging from 100% recyclable material.

    Customized and out of the box

    At Model, we are happy to adapt all packaging to your needs. We are aware that easy handling and fast packaging are essential. Some unusual ideas of our employees make it easier for our customers to handle packaging and transport goods. Do you have a packaging problem? Together with you, we strive for the best solution.

    Lightweight, robust, flexible

    Corrugated board is the most widely used packaging material. No wonder, because it is as light as it is robust and can be used variably. Single-wave or double-wave folding cartons, brilliantly coloured thanks to state-of-the-art printing processes – and flexible in the choice of formats.

    Certified transport and export packaging

    Our transport packaging is certified many times. They meet national and international standards and also carry quality and environmental certificates.

    ISO 9001

    Certificate of Quality / Performance


    ISO 14001

    Sustainability Certificate


    FSC / PEFC

    Certificates for sustainable products

    Sustainable forestry and the chain of custody
    Ecolabel Product


    Sustainability Certificate

    Responsible Sourcing Program
    for Social behaviour

    Climate-neutral packaging

    Certificate for Sustainability / Environment / Social Affairs

    CO2 – Footprint

    of products (PCF)

    of the establishment (CCF)

    CO2 reduced operation

    Sustainability Certificate

    Proof of economical energy management at the site

    Process Standard Digital Printing

    Certificate for the provision of services

    Quality requirement for digital printing process

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