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    Peissker, the creative industry professional: Member of the Model Young Package Jury

    As the visionary CEO of Berentzen subsidiary Pabst & Richardz, Jörg Peissker is a key jury member for our award on beverage packaging this year. Get to know the exciting story behind the CEO and how he masters the balancing act between creativity and doability.

    Jörg Peissker: practitioner and brand specialist

    For more than 25 years, Jörg Peissker has been committed to the marketing and brand management of leading food groups - including the Melitta Group and Hengstenberg. Top brands such as Birkel, Toppits, Albal, Oro di Parma and Puschkin are just some of the product ranges he has looked after and managed.

    Today Peissker is Managing Director of Pabst & Richardz Vertriebs GmbH, a subsidiary of the Berentzen Group. Together with his team of marketing and industry experts, he focuses on designing and realising product concepts with high sales potential.

    The changes we are experiencing, especially in the FMCG business due to the currently drastically changing ecological and economic framework conditions, require a great deal of creativity, pioneering spirit and innovative strength in order to be and remain fit for the future.

    Jörg Peissker

    For Jörg Peissker, pioneering spirit and the courage to innovate are indispensable ingredients for remaining fit for the future. The Model Young Package Award provides the perfect breeding ground for this.

    Peissker has dedicated himself with pleasure to his role as a jury member. Thanks to his creative and practical experience in the beverage industry, he was able to make an essential contribution to the selection of original and feasible beverage packaging.

    This was the jury session 2023

    Get exclusive insights into the processes behind the Model Young Package Award. Discover creative packaging designs and experience the selection process chaired by design guru Christian Zanzotti.

    Model Young Package

    Peissker's ideal packaging: eye-catching, functional, innovative

    Peissker knows the value of unconventional packaging very well. The CEO of a beverage company knows how difficult it is to stand out on the supermarket shelf. 


    Striking designs attract the necessary attention, sophisticated functions provide important recommendation marketing. The pragmatist focuses on appearance as much as on functionality.


    Moreover, as an influential leader, Peissker is aware of his responsibility towards future generations. With a view to the future, resource-saving aspects in product and packaging development are playing an increasingly important role for him.


    Last but not least, his experience with various top brands teaches him that standing still cannot be an option. Instead, innovation is the key to survival in a constantly changing market.


    Exactly the right basic attitude for the Model Young Package Award.

    Think big, it becomes small all by itself.

    Jörg Peissker on the question about tips for the participants

    Uniqueness & feasibility - Peissker as jury member

    After his appointment as a jury member for the Model Young Package Award, Jörg Peissker was looking forward to a competition full of pioneering spirit, innovation and creativity. And he was not to be disappointed.


    Together with the other jury members, he evaluates the packaging designs submitted by young talents and experienced designers on the basis of their uniqueness, feasibility and sustainability. The winners will receive prize money and the serial production of their packaging.


    Peissker's personal favourite is the Wine-Box by Eduard Špička. In his view, the special wine packaging has the potential to be used for promotions of the Berentzen Group because of its sophisticated functionality and its extraordinary appearance.

    Real added value for the beverage industry

    Just like the Model Young Package Award, Peissker stands for the compatibility of creative visions and practical feasibility. Together with young talents, accomplished design professionals and our packaging developers, groundbreaking solutions for beverage packaging have been created this year.

    The ideas and creativity of the competition find their way into our daily work at Model and help us to push the boundaries of what is possible. As a result, our customers benefit from the most advanced packaging options on the market.

    Let the spirit of innovation inspire you too and create the new generation of beverage packaging with us.

    The world of packaging has never been so exciting

    Become part of the success story!

    Are you ready for innovative beverage packaging that will make your brand a success? Contact us now and let's shape the future of packaging design together.

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