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    Strong message: Display increases brand awareness

    Young brands in particular need to place their products at the POS in an eye-catching way. For the German start-up Dulanda, Model developed a shipping display that attracts attention.

    At the point of sale (POS) with a certain «extra...»

    Attracting attention at the point of sale is art. For a long time now, it is no longer the packaging that screams the loudest that wins – but the clever packaging or display solution that best conveys the core of a brand, the soul of the product. 

    Fast slow food «Minutenbrot»

    In a special collaboration between Model Germany and Model Switzerland, we developed a POS display for the «Minutenbrot» of the German start-up Dulanda. Prepared in just three minutes in the microwave or in the oven, with many rich nutrients, the fast slow food brings real bread baking art to the plate in no time. For Lars Hampel, Managing Director of Dulanda, it was clear that the optimal placement in retail is a must for his young brand. 


    The display for the Minutenbrot: completely newly developed

    The requirements

    «A lot of communication space was important to us in order to accommodate our messages. Our display should also make a tidy, structured impression and be easy to send by courier,» says Lars Hampel about the beginning of the cooperation with Model. «In addition, we had little time. Only about two months for the development and production of the display.» A challenge for Model.


    When starting a new project, we go through the requirements for the packaging solution in detail with our customers. For the cooperation with Dulanda it was clear: We design the Minutenbrot display from scratch.

    The result: A shipping display with Model and Dulanda

    Attractive construction

    A display with a lot of communication space plus a high topper, as well as three crates to present as many cans and packaging bags as possible. The display construction and base can be easily set up at the POS.

    High quality printing

    The Minutenbrot display is printed with appealing pastel shades from all sides. The bright colors, applied by means of digital printing, are immediately noticed positively by customers in the shop.

    Easy shipping

    The display travels by courier from the warehouse to the destination. Compared to a conventional pallet solution, 50% of the folding mass has been saved thanks to the special design. The customer also saves on pallet rental and expensive general cargo shipping costs. 

    «We started as an unknown brand. In order to stand out in the jungle of products in the supermarket, we needed a special placement. We wanted to reach the attention of customers through a strong display. Together with Model, we absolutely succeeded»

    Lars Hampel, Managing Director Dulanda

    «Displays offer room for creativity and individuality»

    Connected to the product

    Our colleague Thomas Höhl led the project on the Model side. He says: «The exciting thing about developing a new display is that we have a lot of room for creativity. Our goal is always to develop a construction that convinces with its attractive design and at the same time has a strong connection to the product

    Model Group

    Cross-location competencies

    «Two months for a new design is a very tight time frame in which you have to work particularly purposefully,» continues Thomas Höhl. «In order to be able to stay in this framework for the Minutenbrot project and to meet our high quality standards, we have brought together cross-border competencies – the development competence from Germany with the comprehensive digital printing know-how of our colleagues from Weinfelden, CH.»

    The extra mile at Model

    Fast communication

    «From the start of the project to the end, we were in very close and regular exchange. Thomas Höhl and his colleagues could be reached 24/7 for us. The reaction time at Model was simply great», says Lars Hampel from Dulanda.

    «In a project with such a tight time frame as the minute bread display, excellent coordination processes internally and with the customer are particularly important,» adds Thomas Höhl. «This is an essential factor that has contributed to the fact that we were able to implement our beautiful display solution in the given time.»

    Lars Hampel is completely satisfied: «That's exactly how we came up with the display solution we had in mind. The display really works very well in retail.»

    Are you looking for an attractive packaging display?

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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