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    Model wins the ART of PACKAGING award 2021

    A gadget presenting solutions not only for the e-commerce industry, but also encourages noticing exceptional moments of everyday life. Indeed, the hearts of the jury could be won.

    Packaging and inspiration in one

    On September 30th, this year, Poznan Philharmonic was filled with the most creative packaging designs from all over Poland. The organized ART of PACKAGING 2021 final gala was an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of the packaging industry.

    As every year, not only packaging professionals but also students had a chance to present their projects and debut their own solutions on the market.

    The idea of the Competition for the best packaging of the year - ART OF PACKAGING is to promote innovation, creativity, and competitiveness of Polish packaging in domestic and foreign markets.

    From among a large number of projects, works of art of considerable and invaluable importance on the market, the Jury selected the winners. Model Opakowania's Christmas project 2020 won the first prize in the Ecology category.


    Notice the special moments of everyday life.

    The gadget's message

    was built around our potential to notice the special moments of everyday life that are born when given the chance. It could be the moment of drinking your favorite tea, alone or in the company of your loved ones.  The tea box, cup and teapot can create an opportunity for this. We live in a constant rush - with this gadget we encouraged to stop for a while and celebrate the moment. 

    A second life for the cardboard boxes

    Tea container

    Can be used as a dispenser. Refill it and use it every day. 

    Box of teapot and -cup

    A perfect gift packaging.

    Main wrapping

    Thanks to the reseal option ideal for storage.

    Design and graphics

    The packaging was designed and produced in the Biłgoraj factory. The marketing goal of the box, besides making you think, was to show one of the solutions for the E-commerce industry - extended flaps, security seal, glue strip, and resealability. The graphic motifs were taken from an encyclopedia of trees and fruits from around the world titled "The Natural History of Trees and Fruits", compiled by Jan Johnston in 1662 in Frankfurt.

    The award

    ART OF PACKAGING is an accredited partner of the World Packaging Organization (WPO) in the United States. Winners are automatically nominated for the grand prize of the international World Star competition organized by the WPO.

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