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    Sustainable Packaging: The Green Way for Your Business

    Sustainable packaging is much more than a trend – it's an urgent necessity to protect our planet. Rely on the professionals for sustainable packaging and join us on your individual path to an ecological packaging process.
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    Sustainable packaging for a modern society

    Sustainable packaging is a response to the challenges of our modern society. Due to their environmentally friendly and socially responsible nature, they meet the need for resource-saving solutions. Whether you're an individual or an e-commerce company, everyone can make their contribution to a future worth living with sustainable packaging.

    In addition, sustainable packaging not only helps to reduce your CO2 footprint. In addition, you can tap into a new target group with ecological values .

    At Model, we offer a wide range of sustainable packaging that aligns with your values and meets your business needs. Let's find out how you can make a positive impact on the planet at an affordable cost while inspiring your customers.

    Tips for sustainable packaging

    Cardboard is the ideal material for sustainable packaging. But when choosing a box, there are essential points to consider:

    • Check the origin of the materials: Is the cardboard made from waste paper or does it at least come from sustainably managed forests? There's no question about it, waste paper is unbeatable for your CO2 footprint. That's exactly what we're passionate about at Model.
    • Choosing the right packaging size: Save packaging waste with perfectly matched packaging. Discover a wide range of packaging shapes and sizes, as well as flexible solutions.
    • Evaluate recyclability: Dyes and composite materials can even have a negative impact on the recyclability of cardboard. Ask us how your special requirements can be realized as sustainably as possible.

    Even for sustainable packaging that cannot be mapped with cardboard (e.g. food packaging), we at Model offer resource-saving alternatives.

    Inspire your customers

    Share eco-friendly initiatives and create an enjoyable unboxing experience that aligns with your values and drives customer loyalty.

    Sustainability is affordable

    Save space in the warehouse and shipping with inexpensive cardboard and with the right packaging size. You can also benefit from volume discounts in our online shop.

    Make your job easier

    Coordinate your brand with us and enjoy the reliable and efficient shipping of your sustainable packaging. Thanks to the seamless process, you always have all the packaging you need at hand.

    Maximum sustainability thanks to paper cycle

    With Model, you rely on sustainable packaging. The secret is our closed paper cycle. What does that mean? We use recycled paper to make our packaging, which in turn is biodegradable and fully recyclable. In this way, our cardboard packaging meets the zero-waste philosophy.


    In addition, you can streamline your processes with clever packaging concepts and also save CO2. Reduce your costs, strengthen your brand and delight your customers with ecological packaging design.


    Sustainability is a responsibility that we all share. Let's build together a future where sustainable practices are the norm and our planet thrives.

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