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    Shelf Ready Packaging without compromises

    When the popular Kägis travel from Switzerland to the USA, one thing is clear: the packaging must be right. A Best Practice in Shelf Ready Packaging.

    An exciting SRP order

    First of all, we would like to reveal: At the end of this story, our customer is happy. The wholesale chain as well as millions of Americans who enjoy biting into Swiss chocolate wafers.

    But one thing at a time. It all started with a demanding shelf ready packaging order from our customer Kägi from Toggenburg: Optimal palletizing with clear conditions from the American wholesaler Costco. Cost-efficient and at the same time stable packaging. Easy and efficient to handle. Eye-catcher at the point of sale (POS) for high brand awareness. A perfect challenge for Model Service Co-Packing.

    The requirements: Shelf Ready Packaging for Kägi


    Cost-effective & safe

    Kägi commissions Model to use little material to make the packaging as sustainable as possible. It should be cost-optimized and at the same time extremely stable – securely packed for overseas transport in containers.


    Optimal pallet scheme

    The pallets should ensure a high utilization and be accessible at the point of sale from at least three sides. Kägi also wants to generate as little waste as possible.

    Ready for consumption

    Shelf-friendly packaging

    Kägi assigned Model to also produce the product bags - containing a high paper content. The individually packaged chocolate wafers should be filled in the correct mixture and weight with a special bag forming, filling, and sealing machine. Three Minikägi varieties are mixed, with Model being able to match up to five product varieties.

    Smart processes

    Directly to the POS

    Model's customers can benefit from synergies within the group and make the best possible use of services. The result for Kägi is a smart packaging and logistics process: if necessary, Kägi can place an order and the goods are reliably available at the point of sale within the delivery time. A warehouse on the part of Kägi is therefore not required.

    «True to the motto: Make the impossible possible.» - Sven Johner, Manager Model Co-Packing

    Model Co-Packing: Tinkering, calculating, testing

    «We wanted to utilize the pallets for Kägi as efficiently as possible,» reports Sven Johner, Manager at Model Co-Packing in Niedergösgen. «Our calculations went full speed and we considered some design options together with our customer.»


    Shelf Ready Packaging comes with great responsibility because Kägi stands for the highest Swiss quality: Customers all over the world enjoy the waffles with creamy mousse filling wrapped in Swiss chocolate. The product should be perfectly received by the customer and hence the team of Model Co-Packing is working on the ideal packaging.


    At the end of the project, Sven Johner explains, there was a very special moment for him: «The management of Kägi AG visited us in Niedergösgen, which does not happen every day. The CEO said to me: 'Sven, it's sensational. We wouldn't have been able to do that.' That filled me with pride.»


    The result: Shelf Ready Packaging for Kägi

    Highly efficient

    Employees open the cardboard cut at lightning speed and place the goods shelf-ready, in a small space in the store.

    Minimal material

    Primary and secondary packaging are sustainably designed and easy to handle. Sturdy air cushions protect the chocolate wafers during transport. Moreover, the pallets are designed in such a way that only a small amount of packaging material is required. 

    Brand Awareness

    The Kägis can be found immediately, thanks to attention-grabbing packaging. The brand experience is always a pleasure, because the chocolate waffles are guaranteed not to arrive crumbly. Seasonal products also delight customers, thanks to the production of small quantities.

    Optimize packaging

    Would you like a clever shelf-ready packaging like Kägi?

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