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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    Own paper machine and production facility: 100% recycled paper from Model

    We produce corrugated base paper in our own paper production facility. Testliner and kraftliner made from high-quality recycled paper.

    Recycled paper

    Paper from Model consists of 100 percent waste paper. Used paper products are valuable resources for us, which we process sustainably. When manufacturing paper, we attach great importance to quality and care throughout the entire production process. We also rely on short distances within the Model Group. This makes our production efficient with a low carbon footprint.

    Production of paper: Model Group paper mill

    Model paper mill Weinfelden (CH)

    Production of 190,000 tons of paper per year.


    • two paper machines with 2.5m working width
    • Paper web width 2.5m
    • Grammage of 90-200 g/m2



    Model paper mill Niedergösgen (CH)

    Production of 240,000 tons of paper per year.


    • Paper machine with 5.2m working width
    • Paper grammage between 100 and 180 g/m2




    Model paper mill Eilenburg (DE)

    Production of 280,000 tons of newsprint per year (>600,000 tons per year after conversion to corrugated base paper).


    • one pape machine with 9.2m working width
    • low grammage from 70 to 120 g/m² possible
    Largest paper machine

    Outlook for the Eilenburg site

    The location in Germany has been part of the Model Group since August 2021. We are converting our facility to the production of corrugated base paper.


    The rebuild will enable us to produce corrugating medium and testliner grades from 70-120 g/sqm2 in a highly productive way. The capacity of the paper machine will be more than 600,000 tons per year with a working width of 9.40m.


    As a result, we will have the largest and widest paper machine in the Group available in Eilenburg in 2024. You will benefit from the rebuild of the paper mill because we will then be able to produce our own paper requirements and thus ensure raw material security.


    The Model Group provides training at the Eilenburg site: for example for the professions of paper technologist, electronics technician and mechatronics technician.

    Waste paper as raw material

    Quality assurance

    We already pay attention to the highest quality when the raw material is delivered: Our employees check the delivered waste paper bales closely. Quality assurance includes:


    • Testing for foreign substances, i.e. non-paper components. We accept a maximum of 7 percent foreign matter in the base material.
    • Testing for wet strength, as these cannot be dissolved.
    Environmentally friendly

    Recycled paper

    At Model, we always know exactly which raw materials and additional materials were use to manufacture the paper and packaging. We also check the upstream and downstream activities ourselves. This enables us to make the entire manufacturing process and our supply chains transparent for our customers. Another plus: Recycled paper is ideal for the majority of all types of packaging.

    Our paper grades

    Testliner & Corrugated Fabric

    The paper grade Testliner is produced for the outer and inner cover of the corrugated board. Our testliner consists of recycled fibers in quality grades 1, 2 and 3. Our testliner 1 has the highest strength properties.


    Corrugating medium is produced for our corrugated board production as a corrugated paper web between the outer and inner covers of the corrugated board. We produce corrugating medium from 70 - 120g.

    Sustainably produced

    Kraftliner Replacement

    As strong as virgin fiber kraftliner, sustainably made from recycled paper: Our kraftliner replacement based on 100% recycled fibers is a cheap substitute product. We use kraftliner quality paper when very high strength (stability) is required (for spare parts and machine parts packaging, overseas transport and refrigerated packaging).

    Technology and logistics

    Optimal cooperation for our customers

    Around the clock, seven days a week, our employees take care of the complex papermaking processes with passion and know-how. The smooth maintenance of the technical systems is an exciting, challenging task. Our factory logistics move raw materials and finished goods in large quantities every day. We can offer our customers the best possible quality because of the strength of this cooperation.

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