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    «How designers think»

    The motto of this year's German Design Award.

    Packaging development at the highest level

    The award celebrates its 10th anniversary - Since 2011, the Rat für Formgebung, also known as the German Design Council, has been awarding companies from product design, communication design, and architecture the international premium prize «German Design Award». But this year is a special one. The GDA is celebrating its 10th anniversary and Model's innovative packaging concept the «Edgy-Box» has been nominated.

    «Outstanding design means providing answers to the challenges of our time and thinking design further. The top-class international jury honors these groundbreaking design achievements – and the German Design Award makes the design trends visible across all industries in a glamorous setting.»

    A big thank you

    With our innovative packaging concept of the Edgy Box, Model won the «Special Mention» award in the "Excellent Communications Design" category. A big thank you to our design talents, who are always coming up with new packaging solutions to meet and exceed the needs of our valued customers.

    Design. Stability. Flexibility.

    The Edgy-Box in detail

    Timeless design ...

    ... meets geometric, as well as flexible shapes. The precisely defined folds and angles of the bottle packaging allow a smooth transition into different shapes - design, stability and flexibility in one.

    The striking beverage packaging called Edgy-Box is an eye-catcher, which sets hardly any limits to the choice of content. Contrary to the conventional intention of the stealth technique, the recognition value of this work becomes more pronounced - and also convinces with an elegant, diamond cut.

    An extraordinary look & feel

    with a surprising unboxing experience. With this packaging, Design does not exclude ecological aspects.

    Ordinary or with a certain EXTRA

    How do you package your beverages?

    As a gift packaging for your customers, for private use, but also for your fine wines for sale, the Edgy box is an excellent choice.

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