Various faces of cardboard

Minimalist design, unusual way of opening and food-safe cardboard - all these elements highlight the fondue packaging, which we invite you to explore with us.

We consider cardboard to be special


At Model the color brown embodies the power of nature.


We love simplicity, enjoy the small moments and value the details. 


Absolutely. Because quality requires a high level of technology.  If you look closely, there is a hidden beauty in everything – even in the simplest cardboard . We unfold this beauty in a way that inspires you. 

Still in doubt?

Let us inspire you

Over time, we lean toward underestimating the ordinary things we are in daily contact with. We stop appreciating and enjoying them. We miss seeing their usefulness and potential. To reverse this tendency we need to pause for a while and look again at what is around us. From a different perspective. We hope that with every look you will notice different aspects of this packaging beauty. 

The first sight

A plain brown cardboard box with a one-color print.

However, step by step little extras will reveal themselves while opening the packaging -  graphic elements or techniques of cardboard processing appear. As an example, the graphic motif is hand-made, digitalized, and then cut into cardboard with a laser.

Simple colors

White and brown playful combined

By pulling both packaging sides apart the front picture extends itself perfectly. On one side a  landscape with mountains is displayed and on the other side, the rough sea is decorating the packaging.


Pulling both boxes apart reveals what was previously invisible.


White and brown, the two basic colors of corrugated board.


The extraordinary packaging surprises with versatile components.


Food Packaging

This packaging exemplifies that food can be packaged directly in cardboard as it is made of compliant paper composition. 


The Extra in the Ordinary

Inside hides a ceramic fondue set, which gives users the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones - A moment of chocolatey pleasure valuing the extra in the ordinary.


A small light with a big effect

The outer packaging of the ceramic package can be easily transformed into a lantern. Let yourself be enchanted by this little flame and take the chance to look at the packaging from a different perspective.

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Unusual way of opening and food-safe cardboard

Various faces of cardboard

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