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    Behind the Scenes with Jose

    Insights from a hero at Model.

    A personal view that unites.

    Today we had the pleasure of finding out more about a man who has been part of Model for a long time. Jose Carlos Lourenço Ferreira has been with us for remarkable 26 years, with many more to come. For just over two decades, Jose was employed as a roller stacker driver at the corrugated cardboard plant. The pursuit of a change has brought him to his current position. As an employee of the paper mill, he is responsible for the coordination of all disposal materials and smooth operations.

    Find out what fascinates Jose about his job and what connects him to Model since his beginning.

    Jose what do you like about your job?


    Honestly? Everything. I like that I am almost always working alone and that I am my own boss, so to speak (smirks). I am responsible for the disposal (scrap iron, pulper rope, wood,  paper- and bio-sludge) of the paper mill from A-Z and there is nothing that makes me shy away from a certain task. What I find particularly interesting is the variety I encounter eyery day. 

    In the morning, I do my 2-3 hour tour and check if everything is working, respectively how many trucks have to be ordered for the next day. After that, I check my emails and do other office work. I daily drive the forklift and load about four trucks a day with one of the paper waste. Every day brings something unexpected and I really like that. 

    Pulper Rope vs. Boquet of Flowers

    When you look at the picture(s) what comes to your mind first?


    It strikes me that I encounter both things every day but have never directly connected them. A combination that is so amazingly similar and yet so different. That is why our environment comes to my mind. We, the people, should pay more attention to what and how we dispose of. The pulper rope we see on the left contains mainly plastic and wires, which are harmful to the environment.

    We at Model raise awareness and strive to pay attention to all aspects around us including the environment. Therefore, I am concerned about taking on responsibility and passing on this sorted-out waste in a correct way. So that at least some parts of it can be reused or recycled. Furthermore, we as a company can act as a role model for others along the entire value chain.

    Taking the closed paper cycle into consideration where do you see yourself adding value?


    First of all, I would like to explain that in my opinion, my tasks belong to the beginning and the end of the whole cycle. Thus, I see my value-adding activity as that of a connector who ties everything together. However, whether I am at the beginning in the middle or at the end of the cycle does not matter in principle.

    What is much more important is the interaction of the individual components and the guarantee of an optimized process. Since it is a cycle, there is a permanent flow that should not be interrupted. At Model, we, therefore, strive to maintain this flow, taking into account all internal and external stakeholders. 

    Three words Jose points out as "The Extra in the Ordinary" in his job function:

    Flexibility. Future-oriented. Freedom.

    Model managed to design and keep my workplace attractive.


    When I was looking for a career change, I did not have to leave the company, because a solution was developed and found within Model. From my point of view, that is pretty "Extra". Even though there are sometimes hard days, I am very satisfied with my job. That is why the extraordinary thing lies in the everyday, namely in the fact that I am part of an innovative company every day anew.

    An important "Extra" for me are my colleagues at work and the people within the company. Model has a pleasant working atmosphere, where the employees are taken care of. That motivates me and I think this speaks naturally for the "Extra in the Ordinary".

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