Model Young Package 2023 new concept and higher prize money

The Model Young Package international design competition will be expanded in 2023. Up-and-coming designers are asked to create innovative packaging for beverages under the slogan “Thirsty for Packaging.” The competition now offers higher prize money and, above all, the opportunity to develop production-ready packaging based on real customer requirements.

Model Young Package for young talent and top designers

The Model Young Package packaging design competition is the largest of its kind - and it has gotten even more exciting. The organizer, Model Group, is not only increasing the prize money, but is also expanding the concept for the competition. Young talent and others can prove themselves in the first round of the competition with their self-developed beverage packaging, in line with the “Thirsty for Packaging” theme. The designer with the best beverage packaging will qualify for the second round of the competition -

where they will compete against renowned top designers. The aim here is to develop production-ready packaging based on real customer requirements. The new Model Young Package concept brings young design talent and industry professionals together like never before. 

“Thirsty for Packaging”

Creating a beverage packaging that protects liquid contents better than ever, tells a story and is easy to use - That’s the challenge for the Model Young Package 2023 participants. Young designers can submit innovative prototypes for bottles, bags or cans. The condition is that the packaging material must be recyclable or reusable.

The prototypes are submitted exclusively in digital form, in which the packaging created is photographed, described and submitted via a web form. 

Prizes, opportunities and award ceremony 2023 

The prize money for the competition is changing in addition to the rules. In the past, there were 7,300 in prizes, now it’s 17,000 euros in the first round of the competition alone. A total of 35,000 euros in prize money will be awarded in various categories at the Model Young Package. The winner also gets the chance to take part in exciting workshops with top designers and to develop production-ready packaging based on real customer requirements together with the experts from the Model Group. The traditional award ceremony, where participating media partners and customers of the Model Group meet, will take place in October 2023.

About Model Young Package 

As one of the largest paper packaging manufacturers in Europe, the Model Group has been organizing the internationally renowned Model Young Package competition since 1996. Model Young Package receives support from media partners such as of the design associations CzechDesign and the German Design Council. Hundreds of talented individuals take part in the packaging design competition every year. The awards are often a springboard for later careers: Some winners are now famous designers at companies like NASA, IKEA or Electrolux.

The Model Young Package competition is open to participants aged 15 and over from all over the world. The deadline for registering and submitting the prototype for the first round is March 31, 2023.

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