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your packaging from Model

True to the motto 'less is more', a print image often requires very little finishing to make it stand out from competitors' products. In the right place and chosen with the help of a packaging expert, gold foil or embossing can add that extra touch of exclusivity to your product.

Rigid, fine or luxury cardboard boxes underscores your unique brand image.

To see how tactile effects can enhance your product, take a look at these postcards (Flyer only available in German) shown in the flyer from Model AG, Au (St. Gallen), available to order at Rigid, fine or luxury cardboard boxes – Model packaging makes your products look elegant, offers them optimal protection and underscores your unique brand image.

Robust, stable cardboard is the foundation, while special paper and finishes create a unique look, and an exquisite interior complements and protects your product – giving it a sophisticated and high-quality appearance. You have almost limitless options when it comes to the shape and finish of your design. Foil embossing gives the packaging a unique look using colour and glossy, matt or textured foil. Relief embossing creates an elegant appearance and lends text and other visual elements a clear outline. Contrasts can be intensified using varnishes.

Our product designers work with you to create packaging that emphasises your product’s appearance and reinforces your brand identity. Arrange a consultation and we'll show you just how we can refine your packaging to create an extraordinary tactile experience.

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