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    More efficient thanks to automation: Thomas Weibel's success

    Discover our new automated storage system from the perspective of our resourceful project manager Thomas Weibel.

    Automation as a driver of progress

    Model stands for progress – we have long been relying on automation in production to offer our customers maximum efficiency and reliability. But that's not all.

    Our technical project manager Thomas Weibel recognized the potential of additional warehouse automation early on. Together with MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH, he has mastered the large-scale warehouse automation project.

    MINDA was not a random choice. The German plant manufacturer has already successfully implemented various automation solutions for Model.

    "The cooperation with MINDA has always been very constructive and goal-oriented. Challenges were communicated openly."

    Thomas Weibel

    The project at a glance

    After production in our corrugator, the corrugated cardboard sheets end up in our interim storage facility until they are used for further processing. Thomas Weibel wanted to completely automate this step of interim storage.


    The aim was to increase efficiency in the warehouse and relieve the burden on warehouse employees. In addition, the scrap that often occurs due to damage during manual transport in the forklift was to be reduced.

    The special challenge

    Thomas Weibel knew right away that the introduction of the new storage system would probably be the trickiest task of the project. On the one hand, the new storage system had to fit into the existing factory halls without any structural changes.


    On the other hand, the changeover should take place during ongoing operations . This required a high degree of flexibility, patience and understanding from the employees at both MINDA and Model.

    "All the sheet transport with the pallets and forklift traffic is no longer necessary. In addition, we have less damage to infrastructure and sheets."

    Thomas Weibel

    Three warehouses – three systems

    In-house storage

    An in-house warehouse was connected directly to the corrugator (corrugator), consisting of a steel structure with four aisles and an operating unit each.


    The open design of the rack offers optimal conditions for the intermediate storage of the corrugated cardboard. Thanks to the simple depth and three-storey height, easy access to each stack is possible and storage capacities are maximised.

    Three-storey warehouse

    The three-storey warehouse is also perfectly matched to the height of the hall. The lowest levels are surmounted by the storage areas of the second and third levels in order to make perfect use of the space. The so-called sheet-walk effect and similar damage can be avoided by gentle transport on plastic conveyor belts .


    The conveyor belts on all three levels can be coupled or used individually. In this way, they allow convenient storage of stacks of different widths and quick job changes.

    Area storage

    In addition, there is a new area warehouse in front of our punching machines. Due to the low ceiling height, it is only single-storey. Here, too, the conveyor belts can be individually controlled and flexibly coupled, so that different order lengths and widths can be stored.


    Before further processing, the machine operator can assess the stored stacks according to flatness and shaft alignment and, if necessary, realign them by means of a rotary device within the machine feeder.

    "The corrugated cardboard stacks are retrieved at the right time and transported to the processing machine without anyone having to intervene."

    Thomas Weibel

    Long-term benefits for everyone

    The dedicated team of MINDA and project manager Thomas Weibel have created great things together. Our warehouse at Model in Weinfelden is now automated and therefore much more effective and precise.

    In times of a serious shortage of skilled workers, automation is not only a blessing for us as a manufacturer. Our customers in particular benefit from the efficiency gained through faster and more reliable order processing, less waste and consistently high product quality. But our employees are also pleased that physically demanding and repetitive work is now being taken over by machines.

    Experience the advantages of our continuous optimizations for yourself and contact us. We look forward to showing you how our innovations can benefit your business as well.


    Are you looking for innovative packaging solutions and value efficiency and cooperation on an equal footing? We look forward to your inquiry.

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