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    Mirror, mirror in a box – ingeniously simple packaging

    For Keller Spiegelschränke we developed a cardboard box that protects the manufacturer's stylish mirrors in a cost-optimized way. Read the full story.

    When tradition meets innovation

    Keller Spiegelschränke and Model are not only united by a tradition as a Swiss family business. Both companies also strive for innovation in detail.

    With the new round LED mirror "Unique", Keller Spiegelschränke is entering a new era – supported by our resource-saving and ingeniously practical packaging.

    Rolf Weilenmann is a developer at Model and the clever mind behind a wide range of packaging innovations. He also designed this quick and clever solution for Keller Spiegelschränke.

    "We always try to meet the requirements with as little material consumption as possible."

    Rolf Weilenmann

    The task: round needs to fit square

    With "Unique", Keller Spiegelschränke has launched a round LED mirror that combines well thought-out components with timeless style. This mirror is offered in two different diameters – 65 cm and 75 cm. Also included are a mounting plate and screws.

    The packaging must be stackable on pallets to save space and provide a high level of protection for the mirrors during truck transport throughout Europe.


    In addition, the packaging is to be produced sustainably. Therefore bubble wrap is out of the question. Instead, a cardboard insert to protect the fragile goods was beeing discussed.


    Covering economic aspects the new packaging must be machine-producible and offer easy handling during packaging.

    "Right from the start it was clear to me that only packaging made sense which fits both mirrors."

    Rolf Weilenmann

    The idea: two in one

    Since the difference between the two mirror diameters is only small, Rolf Weilenmann knew right away that a packaging would be most efficient that fits both mirrors . He says:


    "This enables us to combine quantities and produce more efficiently. The packaging consists mainly of blanks, which are produced on the corrugator.


    This reduces the number of machine passes and, of course, also reduces the cost of packaging, as there is no need to manufacture die-cutting tools for these parts."

    The solution: a modular element

    In the end, only a suitable die-cutting tool had to be produced for a single element of the new packaging – a positioning insert made of corrugated cardboard.


    Folded and positioned accordingly, this insert offers either the small or the large LED mirror reliable hold and impact protection.

    "A modular, efficiently produced packaging that ideally protects the customer's two mirrors."

    Rolf Weilenmann

    The result: safe, flexible and efficient

    Ready packed, the LED mirrors are now well secured and ready for their way to the international clients of Keller Spiegelschränke.


    The flat and square boxes can be ideally stacked on pallets with no need for consideration of the respective mirror size.


    In addition, the packaging is plastic free, can be machine produced and is being assembled in just a few simple steps.

    Would you like more?

    Even in seemingly simple tasks, our developers quickly find potential for clever solutions. In this way, we not only implement the exact requirements of our customers, but also offer additional advantages such as increased efficiency in production and packaging, a reduced CO2 footprint or a special unpacking experience.

    For Keller Spiegelschränke, we were able to realize two of these additional advantages. Discover the full potential of the packaging for your products and contact us.

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