project successfully completed

In 2015, a beta version of a BOBST digital printing press was put into operation at Model AG in Weinfelden. Over the last two years, the site has been continuously developed. The forward-looking investment in digital stream inkjet technology was recently completed with the installation of the coating unit.

Model AG thus continues to focus on digital production at the Weinfelden site, a future-oriented step that is already beginning to pay off.

The days when customers had to maintain expensive storage facilities for packaging and display materials are finally over. The market requires ever more flexibility; print motifs and layouts are altered at ever shorter intervals or are adapted to regional requirements. Customers want to reach the market ever more quickly, an aim which the water-based stream inkjet digital printer makes possible, even for the food industry.

The printing press has clear advantages for small batch sizes as well as for large print runs. The high speed of up to
200 m/min means that even large quantities can be economically produced, and thanks to the high availability of the base material, corrugated board, the ordering cycle is shortened by weeks. Digital printing thus simplifies and accelerates the entire manufacturing process in comparison to an offset laminated version. The rapid, high-quality production of a specific print run optimises the entire supply chain and changes the behaviour of all the market players: this is stream inkjet printing's greatest potential. Variability and flexibility in all upstream and downstream processes are convincing arguments in favour of this digital application in comparison to existing printing processes.

With the installation of the coating unit for the BOBST GENEVA at Model in Weinfelden, the digitalisation project has been successfully completed.

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