Beer packaging

21, 33, 55 – which birthday are you celebrating next?

Your beer is brewed according to the season, especially for the European football championships, or even by moonlight – but you wouldn’t know that from the packaging. Does this sound familiar?

Thanks to Bobst SA's world first in digital printing technology (which we’ve been using for almost a year) you no longer need to choose only a print image. Diverse print motifs in small or large runs are available for print auxiliaries at no extra cost.

The new digital printing technology what you need to know.

  • Now also for large print runs
  • Speed 200 m/min
  • No stereotype costs, no stereotype storage
  • Precise batch production
  • No proof sheets necessary
  • No excess storage necessary for expired/completed campaigns
  • Speed to market – as fast as possible
  • Lead time of just a few days
  • Flexibility through streamlined process
  • New corrugated board geometry/architecture
  • Contactless colour application
  • Inline colour processor
  • Water-based, food-compliant inks
  • Pinpoint accuracy, thanks to personalisation
  • Marketing campaigns can be launched that were previously unfeasible
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Are you passionate about wine? We also produce custom-printed wine packaging ;-)
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