Model David Vitalizer Drink transport packaging

Vitalizer Drink transport packaging

Emotionally packaged with optimum protection in high-quality digital printing technology.

  • DAVID AG - AU, St. Gallen (CH)
  • 3 packaging sizes with 9 different designs in 2 languages
  • Revolutionary digital printing technology with individual print images
  • Individual packaging concept tailor-made for DAVID AG

Achieving the goal with heart, soul and conviction With the new point-of-sale packaging, we have succeeded in creating an individual approach with which the customer can identify and which establishes trust.

The production of individual print images without printing plates is perfect for DAVID AG and its product of the same name. Right from the start it was essential to address a wide variety of customers individually at the point of sale with a message that was tailored to them and with matching images. This resulted in 3 different packaging sizes in 9 unique designs in 2 different languages.

  • Various print subjects by means of the latest digital printing technology

  • Transport packaging for beverage cans in the health and lifestyle sector

  • Distribution and marketing in Switzerland as well as in the EU area

  • Packaging order from the idea and conception through to delivery to the customer at the point of sale

Mr Spagnolo, how did you find out about Model?

Theo Tobler (Solution Provider, Model AG) spontaneously stopped by at our premises in Au (SG). He asked if we needed any packaging. As he considered us to be an innovative company, he simultaneously informed us about Model AG's revolutionary digital printing technology and that they can now produce individual print images without any printing plates. I immediately took notice and knew that this technology was cut out for DAVID AG. Because right from the start it was important to us to address the different customers individually. This resulted in 3 packaging sizes and 9 unique designs in 2 languages.

Why do you have your packaging and point of sale materials printed digitally?

We had the idea of the different packaging designs exactly at the time when Theo Tobler informed us about the possibilities of digital printing technology. So it happened that two ideas met at exactly the right time. We had both rational and emotional demands on the packaging: Rational, because it transports the product and this product should arrive safely at the recipient. Emotional, as the packaging is designed to inspire and cause a pleasant anticipation of the product in the customer through a high-quality printed image. I am firmly convinced that addressing customers individually is essential for a variety of reasons. The sales process is greatly improved by the customer identifying with the packaging and building trust. This creates a deep customer relationship, by which we set great store.

Were there any special challenges, degrees of difficulty?

No, everything went relatively well. The challenge was to do justice to the different ways of addressing the customers. This was an intensive process because we put ourselves in the customer's shoes to determine the right image-text combinations.

What should definitely be mentioned?

It should be emphasised that the customer service provided by Theo Tobler is impeccable. Theo is the link between DAVID AG and Model AG. Throughout all this time, this has developed into a partnership characterised by values such as solution orientation, reliability, commitment and cordiality.

How did you experience working with the Model team?

I felt a spirit of partnership and innovation within all departments of Model AG. In a long-term partnership, market leadership, innovation and the sharing of identical values are what counts for us. We always keep an eye on these three characteristics.

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The sales process is greatly improved by the customer identifying with the packaging and building trust. This creates a deep customer relationship, by which we set great store.
Francesco Spagnolo
CEO & Head of Visionary Board
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