Model Luckys Natural Bricks transport packaging

Luckys Natural Bricks sales packaging

A new, sustainable path and thus an important contribution to health and environment with Arboblend, the biodegradable material.

  • EckPack Service GmbH & Co. KG, Darmstadt (DE)
  • Awarded the Green Brand label
  • Sales packaging with first opening guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to biodegradable material

Naturally with first opening guarantee Luckys Natural Bricks are taking a new, sustainable path.

Arboblend, the biodegradable material decomposes under composting conditions and has been awarded the Green Brand label. With Luckys one thus makes an important contribution both to the environment and to the health of the child.
  • Stable and sustainable sales packaging
  • Strap with latch function as first opening guarantee
  • As far as possible plastics and adhesives are dispensed with
  • Sharp edges and thus paper cut injuries are avoided

On behalf of EckPack Service GmbH & Co. KG, Model produced a sales packaging with first opening guarantee. Mrs Alaverdjan, what requirements did you place on the packaging?

LUCKYS® Natural Bricks are for children between the age of 1.5 and 5 years. Sales packaging must be stable and sustainable. The aim was to prevent paper cut injuries through sharp edges and to ensure that the packaging was sturdy enough for long-term use beyond the initial unpacking. Good stackability and pallet optimisation were also required. Since the packaging is not to be shrink-wrapped in foil, a strap with a latching function was used, which can be integrated into the packaging design.

How does the packaging support the message of your product?

The environmentally friendly natural building blocks are 100% pollutant-free and biodegradable. This is underlined by the fact that the packaging consists entirely of cardboard and that plastic and adhesives are largely dispensed with. Like the packaging material, the building blocks themselves are made from renewable raw materials. Instead of a foil viewing window, the components are represented by a printed product image. The attractive sales packaging appeals to the target group in an age-appropriate manner and conveys first play worlds.

Have you received feedback from the market about the chosen solution?

At its premiere at the International Toy Fair 2016 in Nuremberg, the product met with great approval from the press, bloggers, retail dealers and the retail trade at large as well as from schools, hospitals and day-care centres. First orders have already been signed at the trade fair. Manufacturer EckPack Service GmbH & Co. KG ( and packaging designer Siebel GmbH (

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The attractive sales packaging appeals to the target group in an age-appropriate manner and conveys first play worlds.
Violetta Alaverdjan
Managing director
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